Devil Jin Arena


[08] Mercenary
I'd like to ask for help from experienced players in order to get some info for Devil Jin combos and such. While other characters' arenas are pretty active and it's fairly easy to get help learning combos and tactics, it's not the case with Devil Jin. I understand that he may be banned from tournaments, but I think people might still like to learn how to play him. To be honest I'm kinda of a newbie and I can't reliably perform EWGF and some other difficult moves, so it's quite difficult for me to test combos.

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oh riri
if you can't do ewgf, then you're probably better off playing another character. it is where the majority of his most powerful combos stem from.

but you can mess around with these combos:

CH 4k, 46aa2b, b+k,b,k
CH 4k, 66kak
wr b/wgf/ewgf, tgf~be
wr b, 66, 3kbk8, k [3kak8? .. forgot.]


[08] Mercenary
Thanks. I guess I'm starting to be able to do EWGF, but I just need more practice so I can get it more often. Anyways, the point of this thread was to call attention to the fact that this sub-forum is empty, but since it was moved here, that defeats the purpose. I'll try again at a later date if the combo thread doesn't get filled.


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The 10-hit combo can be pretty easy to pull off despite it's apparent difficulty. I find that mashing the buttons tl the last hit and moving on to the next is pretty efficient. Also, BDU K then U straight after will put you in his flying position which is quite good. Use the laser or kick as they'll be on the ground but if they've pinned against a wall then use the B move. Also, UU B then U after will peform a pretty decent combo. Another would be UU B then CE after. Remember as well that A+B+K can also link combos which can make life easy, but it won't perform the 10-hit combo for you. That requires skill and timing.