Different Characters Have Different Post-Parry RE Speeds


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From what I’ve tested, RE seems to be i46–66 (depending on charge) for all characters. However, when RE parries something, the time it takes for the attack to come out varies depending on the character. This has implications when it comes to baiting and punishing RE, since against some characters you may be able to step after having a certain move RE’d but not against others.

The following is a list of characters from fastest to slowest post-parry impact speeds, found in a spreadsheet of Raphael frame data:
  1. Nightmare
  2. Raphael
  3. Sophitia
  4. Geralt
  5. Cervantes
  6. Kilik
  7. Voldo
  8. Maxi
  9. Ivy
  10. Xianghua
  11. Mitsurugi
  12. Grøh
  13. Taki
  14. Seong Mi-na
  15. Siegfried
  16. Tira
  17. Yoshimitsu
  18. Azwel
  19. Talim
  20. Zasalamel
  21. Astaroth
Does anyone have frame data to back this up?


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I think it relates to moves' recovery. I think some moves have faster recovery on block, hit, whiff and REed.
Let me test it later.


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I saw Signia mention in the Yoshi discord that RE's have three tiers, and are between i34 - i36 depending on the character. The fastest REs are 34 frames, and the slowest are 36 (press and release, I'm guessing - no RE holds).

This list, anecdotally, fits what Signia had stated, with Yoshi being amongst the slowest REs in the game, and Raph among the fastest.

Not all REs are created equal, that much is certain.


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I hope it is not too late. Finally, I found some spare time to test every REs.
Anyway, I think the testing result is affected by many factors such as:
1) the speed of the Post-Parry attack
2) the tracking of the Post-Parry attack on each side
3) the hit box of the Post-Parry attack
4) the ability of step of the stepper
5) the hit box of the stepper
6) the range
7) the side of step
8) the different Post-Parry motion which is activated by different attack.
9) the recovery of the moves by REed.
Therefore, it is hard to get an accurate data by looking at only one factor.
For example: Astaroth has the slowest Post-Parry attack (Rank C), but the tracking of this attack are good on both side. Therefore, his RE is not worse than other characters with the faster speed of Post-Parry attack.

The other data except the data of L are R are accurated.
The data result of L are R will be affect by many factors such as tracking, range, speed, step and hitbox, so this data is just for reference because it might not an accurate data.
This data is tested by Xianghua's moves.
L = The move with this smallest Recovery# can not avoid the Post-Parry attack by stepping to the character's left side.
R = The move with this smallest Recovery# can not avoid the Post-Parry attack by stepping to the character's right side.
S = The speed of the Post-Parry attack. A is the fastest. C is the slowest. This one is an accurated data.


2B _________|B+G ___|46_|-10|35_|40_|37_|30|28|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|37_|__|__|_|

Astaroth ___|B+G ___|48_|-12|40_|40_|49_|31|29|C| L:31 R:30 in mid range
____________|(B+G] _|68_|RE_|50_|50_|49_|__|__|_|

Azwel ______|B+G ___|48_|+0_|T40|T40|27_|29|30|A| TC on recovery
____________|(B+G] _|68_|RE_|T50|T50|27_|__|__|_| TC on recovery

Cervantes __|B+G ___|46_|-8_|40_|40_|35_|30|27|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|50_|50_|35_|__|__|_|

Geralt _____|B+G ___|46_|-4_|35_|40_|35_|32|27|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|35_|__|__|_|

Groh _______|B+G ___|46_|-4_|35_|40_|35_|33|31|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|35_|__|__|_|

Ivy ________|B+G ___|46_|-8_|35_|40_|35_|31|30|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|35_|__|__|_|
____________|B+G6 /B-8/H+4 _|20_|7__|30_|__|__|_|

Kilik ______|B+G ___|46_|-4_|35_|40_|35_|30|29|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|35_|__|__|_|

Mitsurugi __|B+G ___|46_|-4_|35_|40_|35_|33|29|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|35_|__|__|_|

Maxi _______|B+G ___|46_|-4_|35_|40_|35_|32|29|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|35_|__|__|_|

Nightmare __|B+G ___|44_|-16|40_|40_|39_|29|26|A|
____________|(B+G] _|64_|RE_|50_|50_|39_|__|__|_|


Raphael ____|B+G ___|44_|-8_|30_|40_|35_|30|28|A|
____________|(B+G] _|84_|RE_|40_|50_|35_|__|__|_| RE windows is 6-70
____________|B+GB /B-4/H+6 _|16_|7__|29_|
____________|B+G(B]~Prep /GD+4

Seong Mi-na |B+G ___|46_|-10|35_|60_|41_|31|32|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|70_|41_|__|__|_|

Siegfried __|B+G ___|46_|+2_|35_|40_|29_|30|29|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|29_|__|__|_|

Sophitia ___|B+G ___|44_|-8_|30_|40_|37_|30|26|A|
____________|(B+G] _|64_|RE_|40_|50_|37_|__|__|_|

Taki _______|B+G ___|46_|-4_|30_|40_|35_|33|28|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|40_|50_|35_|__|__|_|

Talim ______|B+G ___|48_|-12|30_|40_|33_|35|30|C| TC on recovery
____________|(B+G] _|68_|RE_|40_|50_|33_|__|__|_| TC on recovery

Tira _______|B+G ___|46_|+0_|35_|40_|27_|31|30|B| TC on recovery
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|45_|50_|27_|__|__|_| TC on recovery

Voldo ______|B+G ___|46_|-4_|30_|40_|33_|29|30|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|40_|50_|33_|__|__|_|
____________|B+G4 /B+2/H+12 |30_|38_|27_|__|__|_|

Xianghua ___|B+G ___|46_|-2_|30_|40_|29_|29|32|B|
____________|(B+G] _|66_|RE_|40_|50_|29_|__|__|_|

Yoshimitsu _|B+G ___|48_|+2_|30_|40_|27_|32|31|C|
____________|(B+G] _|68_|RE_|40_|50_|27_|__|__|_|

Zasalamel __|B+G ___|48_|+2_|T35|T40|29_|36|33|C|
____________|(B+G] _|68_|RE_|T45|T50|29_|__|__|_|

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