DLC Stages of Libra of Souls


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Is it possible that Setsuka's stage, or any other DLC stages will appear in Libra of Souls mode?
I've heard that DLC characters won't appear in Libra Of Souls, But stages of canonical characters
Setsuka, Hwang should appear right?
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Possible, but not terribly likely. If it was going to happen, then it probably would have happened by now. They didn’t even update the profile picture for Amy, which was a render using her SoulCalibur IV hair, which did not even make an appearance as a DLC item, so it was just a placeholder. If they’re not even willing to do that, then the chances that they would update the mode to include new stages or quests for the DLC characters seem rather bleak. We’re kind of lucky to get the Ancient battles for the new styles, if I’m being honest. They never even bothered to fix 2B’s Ancient, who is still using Mitsurugi’s style, for some reason.


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Well the fact that we do have two story modes to me at least suggests that Project Soul has some investment in the single player community.

Why shouldn't the 'Season' concept apply to single player modes as well. There's actually probably more longevity in single player modes, than in online multiplayer. After the traffic has died down in online multiplayer there will still be lots of players having fun in Libra Of Souls, CAS modes.

So providing possible DLC for Libra of Souls mode might be a profitable proposition.

For the right price I would buy new stages for Libra Souls,
For the right price I would buy new stories for Libra Souls, and since they didn't use a lot of expensive CG it should be doable.

I bought the DLC characters expecting totally that they would be unlocked in the Story Modes. Aspects of them can be used in Libra Of Souls,
but they could do more.
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