Double Standards


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Long rant
Well double standards are based on societal norms and generalizations. These tend to be known as common knowledge after a certain point. Regardless of how true they are. A girl being considered a slut or a guy being considered a player, both are perceptions. I know a girl who slept with over 50 guys in college, the average person would consider her a slut. At that point, some guys would be considered a slut also. But there would still be more people thinking that dude was a player. Is this fair? In the context of purely that example, of course not. If it's viewed as a whole and we analyze how courtship works in America where men do 90% of the work. Does it look more fair? I think more people would agree.

The best reason to not subscribe to double standards is because it's unfair. People don't like to feel like they are getting the short end of the stick for the situation they were given. A lot of these double standards have to do with things we were naturally given, like race and gender. So if I was a male firefighter who failed the physical and didn't get in. Then saw 10 females fail and get the job. I'd be pretty pissed myself.


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When I win with Mitsurugi it's because he's cheap but when the cool kids online win with him it's because they have skill. #stopthedoublestandard