Dragon Ball Z Kinect: Coming soon?

Im not as excited as I used to be for anything under that title anymore. After the Ultimate Tenkaichi fiasco, I dont care what gimmicks they pull until they remake BT3 or give us Raging Blast 3. Seriously so much pussyfooting around in this corner of Namco. Just give us what worked and evolve it.


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Now there's screens... I can't believe I'm actually hyped for what will most likely just be shitty shit.

Looks like more fail. I miss Atari. Namco doesn't know how to make DBZ games and they refuse to work with Dimps for whatever reason, do they think that spike is superior to them just because of one game that sold big? Where as all of Dimp's games were actually good? The only good game they had was Tenkaichi 2/3 every other next gen DBZ game from them has been utter crap. They're still using the ugly Ultimate Tenkaichi Super saiyan models.... even more gross.