El Paso, TX/Las Cruces, NM Thread


[08] Mercenary
Hello 8wayrun, My name is Frank and I'm looking to see if anyone in the El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM area are interested in Soulcalibur at all. The community for Soulicalibur V and 3D fighters in general seems pretty weak, or at least dormant, right now. With Tekken Tag 2 coming out soon and the success Soulaclibur V has been having in other areas, I wanted to see if we could get the community involved some more. A lounge called Tortuga in west El Paso holds games every Monday night at 8pm but we haven't played much SCV due to lack of interest. Everyone is open to playing the game, we just need more players. A retro game store called One More Level on the eastside holds tournaments too and I'm sure they could hold one for SCV if enough people were interested. I myself live in west El Paso but I will be going to NMSU this year, so I will be in Las Cruces a lot. If anyone form this areas wants to play, hold tournaments for, or just discuss Soulcalibur V feel free to post in here. I really enjoy SCV and I think its a good game. Lets support it.


Hi. I am in northern NM by Farmington. Check out www.x-topia.com. Most of the NM gamers post there. I know there are a fer from el paso as well. Good luck finding competition!