Esports In Schools


I wasn't quite sure where to post this but the state that I live in is introducing something interesting to the schools list of competitive sports (like volleyball, baseball, basketball, etc...). Esports are now considered proper competitive sports (that whole debate about whether it is or isn't a sport seems to have been decided in favor of). League of Legends and Rocket League are the first two sports that will be appearing at the school that I work at. This is going to be treated like any other sport which means if there is enough interest teams will compete against other teams for state titles and there will be regular practices just like there would be for any of the more traditional sports.

Competitions will focus on three genres: multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games (first one is league of legends), fighting games (nothing has been said about which games yet), and sports games (Rocket League is falling into this category). Students can select their own teams regardless of experience, gender, or age, and there will be no limit on how many teams each school can have. This gives all students a chance to compete at the varsity level. There will be two seasons each school year. Matches will be played online via a specific platform (possibly PlayVs), which eliminates travel costs. But, some playoff and championship games will be played in front of a live audience.

I remember reading about an article a number of months back but I didn't expect them to actually follow through. This is kind of awesome for the students and also means we could see an increased number of people being interested in these types of games.


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I Don't personally live in the states but I think this should be in a lot of places. As a Person who is interested in going competitive in Sc6, it'd be nice to be able to practice at school as pass time for people and those who want to practice eSports in school. As eSports is becoming more recognised, it'd be good for people to be able to practice the games they want to do. I personally am all for for eSports being taught at schools.