[Everett, WA] Monthly SCV/SCVI tourneys @ local game store


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Hi, I run a small game store here in Everett, and every week we try to run some sort of fighting game tournaments.

Every Friday we run a Smash Bros. game, and that's getting a small crowd of regulars, but we have few other regular groups.
I was hoping to get some Soulcalibur VI tourneys running once a month after it releases, and until then I was thinking of hosting Soulcalibur V tournaments just to get a community built up before then.

It would be one Saturday a month at 7:00pm PST and there would be an event page posted for it on our store's Facebook page.
There would be an entry fee of $5 (all of our tournaments have a flat rate buy-in) and we give gift cards as prizes.

Is there anyone who might be interested?
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