Expanding Ivy's Tools


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So I'm finally making an effort to understand Ivy's moves and so far compared to past games, SC6 Ivy is looking to be one of the best if not the best version of her. However I do think she's missing some key tools that I personally think would flesh her out just that tiny bit more without taking away from her current moveset.

1. A+K for instant Serpent Embrace

I find it strange that this wasn't implemented, especially considering Ivy has zero commands that involve A+K. This would be miles better than having to use certain attacks to get into the stance.

2. Change SC6 Wondergale behaviour to SC3

This will open up Ivy's options because Wondergale to Serpent Embrace in SC6 is really slow.

3. 2A+K for Royal Huntress

Again Ivy has zero A+K commands in SC6 and this sweep would be great, Royal Huntress is in SC6 but it's confined to a 8-Way Run move.
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