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[14] Master
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am hear on this glorious and delightful day to bring you one of my favorite fan fictions to ever be written. It is written by Crazy Yoshimitsu and his work is ahead of its time. I did not write this work, I am merely an admirer of it. This is part 1 of 7, enjoy everyone.

Fists are better than Blades
A Soul calibur boxing fanfic by SlyCopper23
Chapter 1- Fighting and time changes

There is time where women feel powerful among other women. But when someone disagrees a challenge is call out. Many groups, forces, or crews fight to see who the strongest is among them. Well join me, Wilcox, Izuna, and the SC cast for one wild adventure you guys are about to read.

The day is slow and clam. Not a cloud in the sky to worry about at all. Everything in the world of SC is good. As we keep going on we see many characters from the game like Lizardman, nightmare, Raphael, and so on. Until we stop to see one middle age woman with a white dress on. Look to the skies for answers. She spoke with peace in her voice.

Ivy: Oh, great skies are I the strongest woman in the world?

There was nothing, but silence from the skies as she looks dumbfounded at them.
Ivy: Well screw you guys.
She said with angry in her voice. The woman name was Ivy. A woman that has seek much pain and sorrow in her life, and is now wondering if she is the strongest woman in the world. An idea crosses her mind, and she begins to wonder if it would work.
Ivy: Ummmm....;I wonder if I can gather all the females in this world, and discuss with them who is the strongest woman.

So she sent a letter to all females of her world. They went as far to Southeast Asia to Japan, and so on. Many took the invitation with great haste. The women who took the challenge were very different from one another. You had a geisha, a ninja, a wind maiden, to many more other females. They all arrive at the Mansion of Ivy Valentine the next day ready to see what this woman has to say. She meets them with a warm simile, and welcomes them to her home.

Ivy: I greet you well ladies.

She leads to her living room, and they start to discuss who is the strongest of them all.
Ivy: So who here thinks they are the strongest woman in the world?
Setsuka: I don't see the point of this discuss, but I am the strongest woman of you all.

She said with a smirk from the blond haired Samurai Geisha.
Taki: Lies!!! A person like you who job is to man happy is sick. You don't understand the real meaning of combat. I for one understand better than anyone, and have witness to prove it.

Hilde: A ninja? Oh wow, your people are so easy to kill. Look bitch you have to have honor first and great wisdom to be considering the strongest woman in the world. Which I have gain over the years of combat I have seen.


[14] Master
Part 2 of my favorite fan fiction, by my buddy CrazyYoshimitsu

Fists Are Better Than Blades
A Soul calibur boxing fanfic by SlyCopper23
Chapter 2- Time jump!!!!!
*Last Time on FABTB*
(Ivy: Ha. Those fools won’t know what hit them. After I use this weapon!!!
The weapon she spoke of is a very powerful prototype version of her sword with fragments of soul edge in them. With those fragments she could wipe out a whole army without being touch by a soul. The sword was like her normal sword, but glow with darkness.)

The girls were praying and warming up for a battle that they might not comeback from this battle. Looks of joy and happiness were no where to be found on their faces. They knew how serious this battle was, and will fight until the last breath of air. Many of them spoke their last words. And wonder what will happen if they live thought this battle.

Taki: A ninja dies with honor, but I shall break that rule and win this battle.
Setsuka: I have live a long life dying here won’t be so bad, but I shall try my best not to.
Talim: Oh wind please guide me in this honor of battle, and protect, and give me strength to takedown my enemies with your power.
Tira: um, so you want to live?
Talim: Yes that all I won’t. I wish I didn’t have to fight.
Tira: So, let me kill you, and end your pain.
She said with an evil simile.
Talim: Ahh, please good soul, I only bring peace.
Tira: *laughs* you’re scare aren’t you? Look you’re kind of cute, so I might protect you if you don’t die so fast.
Talim: *shows sight red on her cheeks* Um….ok…. I mean… Good luck Tira-chan!!!!
Tira: Thanks, jailbait.
After words were exchange the ladies got into their weapons stances ready for a battle. Ivy got in the middle of the circle, and spoke before the battle.

Ivy: Just before we started if you are about to kill someone you can ask if they want to keep fighting or not, so no one ends up dead, ok?
They all nod in agreement, and got ready for battle. The winds blew with silence, and the birds gather on a roof to watch the battle. Time passes, and battle cries are heard as they charge at one another. Let’s take a look at who’s fighting who.
We have Mina vs. X
Ivy vs. Taki
Setsuka vs. Talim
Hilde vs. Tira
Cassandra vs. Shopie
Amy is just watching everyone going at it.

Let’s take a look at Setsuka vs. Talim. There battle was more defensives, and Talim use one of her wind moves to evade, and counter Setsuka, but she block her counter. She kicks her in the gut, and was about to finish her off. Not even asking her if she still wanted to fight.

Tira was busy fighting the knight, Hilde, and saw her new “friend” in danger. So she ran up to the knight and smashes her head into her helmet. The impact was great, and actually causes Hilde to be a little bit daze. Tira dashes to her “friend” to help her out.
Tira:* screams* Hey!!!

Setsuka was about to bring down her sword, but her eyes grew bigger in pain as Tira took her ring blade, and slash the back of the geisha.
Tira: Are you ok, jailbait?
Talim: Um, yeah thanks, Tira-chan.
Tira: Let’s team up on this bitch!!
Talim: Got it!!! Our speed will leave a pool of blood.

And they did, and there outstanding speed was too much for the geisha. As she tried very hard to block their attacks, but was disarm and sent to the ground begging for mercy of the two speedsters.
Setsuka: Please don’t kill me!!
Tira: And give me one good reason why?
Talim: Tira, killing her won’t solve a thing. So let her go, and let’s keep working together, ok?
Tira: Sigh…. Fine have it your way jailbait.*takes blade off her neck* let’s kick some more ass.
Talim: Ok.
Setsuka: Be careful young warriors. You’re speed has outclass me. I wish you the best.
Talim&Tira: Thank you!!!

And they run back to the battle. The battle was insane with blade clashing, battle cries, and smack talk.
Cassandra: You’re too slow for me sis, those melons of yours too heavy for you?
Shophitia: Sigh.. You are so immature, Cassandra, after I kick your slutty ass. I’ll fuck your boyfriend with you tie to a chair.
Cassandra: You bitch!!!

As those two kept on exchange insults and attacks. We take a look at Mina vs. X.
Mina: Not bad, little mama.
X: Same to you. You’re making me go all out.
Mina: Well keep at it.

Judging by the words exchange these two have honor, and show mercy to their enemies. There battle was all about spacing, and proper parrying. There fights were like watching to lovely birds fight on water. The battle was almost over, and Ivy was having trouble with the ninja who had powers that could kill anyone in one hit. Ivy threw two hard attacks, and back up.
Ivy: Now I shall show you my real power!!!!

She now uses the prototype of her normal sword, and unleashes the darkness upon Taki. Her whole body was cover in the powers of darkness. Her eyes glow with evil energy as she now use the snake style of her weapon, and smash the ground with great impact. Causing a huge earthquake, but a weird light came out of no where, and time when by fast to past, present, and future. Everyone in the world of Soul caliber flew thought a vortex sending to a new time where things have greatly changed. What is next for our female warriors?

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter a lot. Also, if you never played SC before than Ivy’s weapons is her joke weapon in SC2 she has been working on for a quite a bit. So tell what you guys think, ok? Also, anyone want to be a trainer for Ivy, Cassandra, or Shopie? Let me know.