Farewell to a Bleak Winter (A CAS FanFic)


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Now I know. You probably got that achievement for SCVI. You know this one.


But a certain elf is displeased with his story ending here. So now, he has something to prove. His goal? To regain his immortality to be the most beautiful elf there ever was. He's the Winter Elf. The Dandelion of Snow. The Ice Elf Ninja. Yada Yada Yada. His name is Kris Winters. Join him as he dimension hops from one place to another meeting allies and enemies alike. And his story continues until......well who knows. It's time to say farewell to a bleak winter, and hello to a strong blizzard of nonsense...and some CAS from other artists that add more hilarity.

Kris Winters

Synopsis: Kris Winters is a mountain elf. He's used to living in cold mountains with his kin in secrecy like the Elves who live in forests in secrecy. Feeling curious of the outside world, he ventures out to explore only to be expelled for letting the outside world corrupt him(in other words he let his ego get to him). He was stripped his immortality, he lost everything. Feeling bummed out he wandered east into Japan to run into the Manjitou to learn how to be a chivalrous ninja thief....only to be expelled because yet again of his ego.

Realizing people are foolish for not acknowledging his beauty, he starts a gallivant crusade on how pretty he is....only for fate to interrupt him in the form of Libra of Soul story mode. Only a select few have the ability to handle Astral Fissures in the Libra of Soul story. However, he also tries to find ways to regain his immortality to stay forever beautiful. He lent a hand to GROH(helped find a bathroom nothing else), some other unsung hero decides to save the world and steal his chance of fame....because he was flaunting his beauty too much.

Bummed out, he just resumes his gallivant crusade and quest to regain his immortality. One day, a GROH from a different dimension sought Kris' help. At first, he didn't want to be bothered on his gallivant crusade nor did he like that his chance of fame could get snatched from him again. However, alt GROH offered some medicine that could sustain his youth which won over Kris' services or lack there of.

Kris' new mission is to help alt GROH stop 3 Necro Seeds. The Necro Seeds are Malfested from alt GROH's world that have ascended past malfested. They acquired a power to bring back any dead creatures of their choosing to be stronger Malfested than other Malfested. Thus, alt GROH, a salvaged alt 2B renamed 2C, and his leader alt Zasalamel are trying to stop a Necro-malfested(Necrofested for short) apocalypse. Their only clues lead them to a moonlit forest....
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Kris flies in from searching the sky....
Kris: How I'd delight in drinking some moonwine to a beautiful night than to search for hideous necrofested fiends....

Kris: Fortunately, that may be a possibility....
Kris approaches GROH.

Kris: Sir GROH! I have returned! No sign of-

GROH: Lower your voice and be alert. I sense the necrofested is nearby.
Kris: Apologies.

Kris: If I may be bold to ask, why are you powered up?
GROH: Do you not remember? Necrofested are more formidable than these malfested of your dimension.
Kris: They can't be all that bad.
GROH: Don't be foolish. Complacency is why they now invade your world.


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GROH: Now be on guard befor-

Malfested Soldier is growling and snarling at GROH...

GROH:....Step back Kris. This could get messy.
Kris(offscreen): Don't have to tell me twice!

GROH prepares to attack...

He teleports behind a now startled malfested....

GROH slays the malfested...

Kris looks at the lifeless malfested....

Kris: Are you trying to make me puke?


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GROH being on guard readies his weapon for another fight...

Necrofested Knight: My! You are delectable! I'm going to enjoy feasting on you and your elf friend!

GROH: He's no friend of mine, he's a reliable resource. No matter, I will dispose you now.

The necrofested knight began her charge....

With blazing speed, she closes in on GROH...

GROH however wasn't fazed...

For he knew that this necrofested....

Was no match for him...

Necrofested Knight: Ugh....

And just like the other malfested, he makes quick work of the necrofested...


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GROH: And you were saying there's nothing here?

Kris is about to throw up....


Kris threw up.
GROH: Ahhh!

GROH: Ugh.....
GROH fainted from the stench and the poison breath. He forgot Kris doesn't know how to control the Poison breathe technique he learned from Manjitou.....

Kris: Whoops. Are you okay, GROH?
GROH: Ugh...

Kris: Um...GROH? You okay?
GROH keeps groaning...


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Coming from the trees, enters 2C an android who came to GROH's rescue.
2C: What's going on?

Kris: Ah if it isn't my lovely 2C. Are you worried about me?
2C: No.
Kris: Why not?
2C: Because you're always causing trouble for us both.

Kris: It's not like I'm doing it on purpose. I just haven't mastered the poison breath technique and I don't like gore.

2C: You need to get over that. It can be a liability.

Kris: Or. I can set-up camp so I can enjoy some moonwine!

Kris leaves a incapacitated GROH with 2C...

More to come.....
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Chapter 2. The 3 misfortunate Lizard bros: Yoshi, Alpha, and Beta. Some people will understand them....some won't. But they're Lizardmen, and most people don't take kindly to them.....

Yoshi(The Green Lizardman with a shell): Young, happy-go-lucky, and spunky. Proficient with Manji Ninjutsu and other styles. Reminds certain people of a dino from a plumber video game series and is proud of it.

Alpha(The Aqua Lizardman): The Eldest. Full of narcissism. Can use other styles. Always feels like he's a victim when the going gets tough.

Beta(The Orange Lizardman): The middle child that's not that smart, but his optimism keeps him going....until the going gets tough then he's just pitiful. He can also use other styles like his two brothers.

Elsewhere in another dimension. Yoshi is a famous Lizardman because......

Yoshi: Rawr ar Rawry! (I has a shell!)

Yoshi: Arrr Rawr awr! (I is a look alike of Yoshi from Mario!)

Yoshi: Woar woar Rawry! (And I get to be in a fanfic! =D )

The 2 forgotten Lizard CAS: AWR?!!111! (What???!!!1!!111)
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Few days later, Yoshi was invited to Japan take part in a tourney against a priestess who many adore. Before he could board the ship, his ticket got stolen from his older brother Alpha. "It's time for me to make my debut, as a Lizardman," says Alpha. "I can't let Yoshi have everything. Besides my first match won't be THAT hard."

Announcer: Get ready for the next battle people, It's Yoshi the Lizurai versus Talim the last Ainu priestess.

Talim: Let's see which way the wind is blowing!

Alpha: Awr Rawr! Rawr Rawr Rawr hiss awr. Rawr Rawr awr awr Rawr! (You fool! You can't see where the wind blows. I, Yoshi the Lizurai will defeat you!)

Talim: That's a nice breeze...!

Alpha: Rawr awr Rawr? (What breeze?)

Talim: I dedicate this to the wind!

Alpha: Rawr roh. (Uh-oh.)

Talim: Breath of the sky....
Alpha: AWr Awwwr!!!11! (Oh my Stomach!11!!)

Talim: Embrace my dance!
Alpha: rrrrrrrrrrrrrr (rrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Talim:.....And blow away corruption!
Alpha is knocked out

Talim: How did my dance look?
(dizzy)Alpha: Awr Rawr Rawr Rawr.... (Winds are swirling....)
Announcer: Ooh! Looks like Yoshi the Lizurai is out cold. Talim the last Ainu Priestess wins the first match!
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As Alpha tarnishes Yoshi's good name and fame pretending to be Yoshi in Japan, Yoshi continues to sulk over losing his ticket.....

(sad)Yoshi: Rawr Awr Rawry Rawr... (I want to go to Japan to meet Talim...)

(Getting mad and sulking)Yoshi: Rawry Rawr awr! (But I can't because someone stole my ticket!)

Beta: Rawr Rawr Rawr. (That's because Alpha stole your ticket.)

(Enraged)Yoshi: Hissss Rawr Hisss?!1!! (And you didn't think to stop him?!1!!)

Yoshi: Rawr hisssssss RAWR RAWRY! (I'm gonna tear you limp from limp until he gets back!!!)
(In pain)Beta: Awr Awr... (My Stomach...)

You know what they say...don't take what's not yours or be an accomplice to the act.
Until next time...
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