[Feb 2, 2013] Madison SCV Tourney #26 TT6 #6 Mahjong#1 2/2/12 (Madison, WI)


[10] Knight
OK, so we were introduced to Mahjong for the first time and yeah, it got addicting...lol. So for the first time in the Madison Gaming Community, we will hold a Mahjong Tournament as well...yay....

Happy Wok
17 Eastpark Ct
Madison, WI
Time: 4:30pm
5:30pm-Soul Calibur 5
6:30pm-Tekken Tag 2
Entry Fee: Free, except $5 buy ins for Mahjong.

Our RULES for Mahjong...We'll be split into pools. To escape the pools, you must win 4 games total, and then you'll be in the finals. What we'll do for this is based on the number of ppl we get, if we have 8 ppl enter, for example, then there will be 2 grps of 4, and 2 from each group will proceed to the 4 man final; the second place person in that group will be determined by most number of wins and if all players are tied, it will be the one who got to that "number of wins" first. In a group of 12, we'll take 3 groups of 4, take the winners from that group, and one wild card based on another pool for nonwinners with the most wins. Hong Kong Rules, when playing, but not when counting points; we will not be using that, since there will just be a 1st and 2nd place payout. What we will also do is, if someone calls out a win, but they f'd up their hand, they will be penalized -1 games, and the opponents will each be rewarded +1/2 of a game. Let's try to have some practice sessions too b4 we play to help refresh everyones' mind on how to play.