[Feb 23, 2013] Madison SCV Tourney #27 TT2#6 Mahjong #2 2/23/13 (Madison, WI)


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OK, so we played Mahjong for the first time and yeah, it got addicting...lol. So for this second time, we will hold another Mahjong Tournament as well...yay....rules will be more complicated as it will be score based.


Happy Wok

17 Eastpark Ct

Madison, WI

Time: 4:30pm

5:30pm-Soul Calibur 5

6:30pm-Tekken Tag 2


Entry Fee: Free, Mahjong entry fee TBD.

Our RULES for Mahjong...We'll be split into pools. It will be score based this time, so you will want to get as many points as possible. This is determined by what type of hand you get. Hong Kong Rules, when playing. BTW, even if there are 2 pools, it does not mean that you will be guaranteed a spot in the finals, just because you got 2nd in your pool, It will be score based, so whichever 4 ppl get the highest total scores will go to the finals.
There are basically 6 levels of points that can be won determined by your hand.

Level 5- 128-192(64+32+32 or 64+64+64) points given, losers penalized -32 or -64 points

Level 4- 64-96(32+16+16 or 32+32+32) points given, losers penalized -16 or -32

Level 3- 32-48 (16+8+8 or 16+16+16)points given, losers penalized -8 or -16

Level 2- 16-24(8+4+4 or 8+8+8) points given, losers penalized -4 or -8

Level 1- 8-12(4+2+2 or 4+4+4) points given, losers penalized -2 or -4

Level 0- 4-6(2+1+1 or 2+2+2) points given. losers penalized -1 or-2

What we will also do is, if someone calls out a win, but they f'd up their hand, they will be penalized -192 points, and the opponents will each be 64 points. Let's try to have some practice sessions too b4 we play to help refresh everyones' mind on how to play. I will try to get the different examples ready copy and pasted on the 8wayrun forums.

Also, you guys can help our sc community. I am selling SC Merchandise, mostly cards and stuff.


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It sucked. Since EVO, our SCV scene has been pretty casual, the same goes for Tekken Tag 2. We only get like 6-9 ppl. Fuzion is our best player at the moment. Are you from Madison?