Final Notes and Ultimate Strategies with Xiba


[08] Mercenary
Hey everyone. I've been playing Soul Calibur 5 since it came out and have never bothered posting on the forums much before now. I've done a lot of fighting with Xiba, and over the years I've come up with a few strategies / combos / ukemi traps that I've not seen posted anywhere online before. With Soul Cal 6 coming out right around the corner I figured this would be a good time to post what I know since we'll all be moving on to the new game soon enough. So if anyone ever pops back in Soul Cal 5 for some soon to be old school battles, you may have a few more tricks to try out. Here goes:

A+B.B.K BE / 6A.K BE Ukemi Traps.

You can do tons of damage fairly easily off Ukemi traps from these moves. 4B+K will catch back ukemi for mad damage and a lightning rod to the face. 1A will catch side ukemi although it's not easy to do. I do a really quick step forward (so quick it's invisible) before pressing 1A and that usually works for me. Additionally, Rem B will hit if your opponent does not ukemi at all, which you can follow up with either 2A+B or even 44B+K.

44K BE

I'm pretty proud of this one since I only recently discovered it and never had any real utility for the brave edge version of this move before. Although you can combo with 6B, it's inconsistent. So instead you can do this. Follow up with Rem B. It will combo and stun. Follow that with an additional Rem B! It will ukemi trap and allow you to 6B.K which can lead to huge damage.

1A+B_3A+B Okizeme (Wake up)

Follow up 3A+B with 3B.K.K. It will catch back and left ukemi I believe. If your opponent doesn't like to ukemi this move you can be obnoxious with 2A+B or Rem B to try to entice them. As for 1A+B (where he flips the opponent over his head) 4B will force block if they ukemi and 2A+B can combe if they don't.

22_88 B Ukemi trap

I have seen a few people do this but it's just so dang useful and damaging. Just do a Rem B after the opponent skies over you (hold G to turn around when the opponent goes overhead so you don't do the regular BT B+K combo) and it will lead to an ukemi trap that works pretty consistently (although not 100%). If you know Xiba you know what to do from there. 6B

Additional stuff that'll improve your game:
Learn how to exit a crouch and use Rem after moves like 2K or 2A. If people counter with their own quick chip move it'll give you that great auto-GI combo.
Follow up FC 1B hit with 6A. It'll catch a lot of people at that distance
Use Jump B (9B) near walls or ring outs and follow with 3A.B. Jump B is a deceptive neutral on block
Use 4B after you GI. The speed of that move makes it so if the opponent tries to re-GI right away it is slow enough to still hit, and if they block it's fast enough to hit.
Use that Critical Edge!

Thanks for reading. See you all in Soul Cal 6