First day Ralph testing

Discussion in 'Raphael' started by thinkingofaname, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. shoorykezu

    shoorykezu [01] Neophyte

    CH 1k, A+B,A works and this is the best what we can do.
  2. piggy

    piggy RIP Team Edward

    A+B, A is my go-to follow up on 1K, but 3B, etc works if you are on axis (like 22B).
  3. KowtowRobinson

    KowtowRobinson [10] Knight

    Is it seriously only -13? If they don't have meter just fuckin DO IT, man. There really isn't shit that's gonna punish you, is deathfist even that fast anymore?

    Oh btw Prep 4 does exactly what it needs to do, and that's avoid 2A's. So if they think they're gonna 2A you out of it, you've got an option. I have yet to find anything that makes Prep less dangerous, tbh. He's got every option he needs out of that combined with SE, it seems.
  4. Real_Bojack

    Real_Bojack [10] Knight

    How much time does it take for a Prep~SE~attack transition to come out? Looks like the opp will simply be able to do a 2A or 2K on reaction and stuff whatever Raph was going to do.
  5. piggy

    piggy RIP Team Edward

    From prep. SE K is 21 frames - I think the SE animation is part of that 21, but I could be wrong.
  6. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    Getting into Prep is a b!tch, once you're safely there it's all good.

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