Friendly Reminder - SC4 Tournament Rules

Important note from 8WR's official hypeman Malice

There's alot of people out there who are either unaware that Hilde/Algol were banned from tournament play, do not know what the current ruleset is for Soul Calibur, or have no idea where on the site to find the current ruleset.

If you happen to be one of those people, then this friendly reminder is for you. You can find the current ruleset within the Wiki section of under Frequently Asked Questions. From there, you can see the standard rules and that Hilde/Algol have been banned from tournaments for Soul Calibur 4.

You all heard the man. Now get hype and get ready for FSAK!

Yo, it's Malice. I thought this was common knowledge, but apparently not. So hence, a friendly reminder and a link to where you can see the SC4 rules.

I know there's some people who hate the ban, but something had to be done since Namco wasn't doing anything to the console version to the game and released their updated version to the PSP. If you want to hate on somebody, hate on them for abandoning the console version of the game and not on the people who want to keep Calibur alive.

Outside of the internet, I haven't heard one complaint from anyone regarding the ruleset. At every tournament that I've been to with the latest one being at Devastation in June, all of the attendees had a great time playing Calibur. SC4 at Devastation was the best time that I have had in a long time.

Plus it's never too late to get back into Calibur if you are someone who's been away from the game for a while. And with Full Speed Aerial Kicks on the horizon, now is the perfect time to get back into the game and reconnect with the Soul Calibur community. If you have yet to attend a tournament for Soul Calibur, then you need to be at FSAK.

And as always, keep playing that Calibur baybee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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