Full Speed Aerial Kicks in your face!

SC4's last big tournament on the East Coast hosted by IdleMind is coming soon. As many of you 8WRers as possible should attend. Check the thread for all the necessary info: FSAK main thread

Specific information about the side tournaments can be found here: Side tournaments thread

Vote on the entry fee and which side tourneys you'd like. Be sure to read the first post thoroughly. Nearby hotel info is up as well. Also keep track of who may be coming and who is confirmed with my list: FSAK hype list

Recolors thread First 50 come, first 50 served.

MM/Hype thread Big tournament means big challenges. Make yours now.

Housing/Travel thread Important stuff for out-of-state travelers

Hype yet? Don't forget to RSVP in the main thread and sign up for the side tourneys. Let's make this the biggest tournament ever people! Come out and meet your fellow forumers!

I'll be there. But I'm wondering why everyone's saying this is the last big tourney on the EC. Isn't NEC still supposed to have SC4 this year? Or is that just not a big tournament anymore?
It may not be the LAST SC4 tourney ever but right now it's looking big. Lots of popular names are planning to show. Glad to see you'll be among them for sure now!
Guess Ill have to go if everyone is requiered to go :). Last time I counted it was 70 people trying to get to this. Hope more people decide to go.
I couldnt help but notice your profile picture on the front page Mikosu. hmmm
If I ever get around to getting my PS3 fixed, I may actually put effort into practicing for this tournament. Not to win but just for the lols.

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