Gamers Against Bigotry


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An orgainization called Gamers Against Bigotry is asking people to sign a pledge to help stop derogatory and bigoted hate speech when gaming online. It isn't against cursing in general and occasionally raging but just asks that you don't be a racist or sexist or crap like that while you do so. How exactly this is going to get people online to stop being dicks I'm not really sure, but the idea seems interesting so if you are into it then go ahead and sign it.


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Well this is complete horse shit. From the GAB facebook feed:

A hacker just managed to delete the entire pledge database, causing us to lose everything, just as we were approaching 1500 signatures. It doesn't appear as though the person actually accessed the information, just deleted it with a code injection.

I'm going to put the site on pause for right now while I regroup and try to figure out what to do. This is truly upsetting, but it's not going to stop or discourage me.

A small group of people have been so threatened by what we're doing, they've dedicated a lot of time these past two weeks to disabling, spamming, and otherwise harming the site. But none of it was permanent, until now. But all this says to me is that we absolutely need this, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Honestly, wtf is wrong with people these days?


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I'm unfortunately not surprised by this. Open attacks on bigotry and discrimination in gaming have a tendency to make people freak out, as learned with Anita Sarkeesian.