SELLING Getting married, random crap must go sale !! :D


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Hey. For those that know me or not, i'm the quiet (Mostly loud. :p) husky guy that helps Kit and Jaxel at tournements way back when. Anyway so pretty much, i'm getting married in a few years. Can't wait !! :D Before the time comes, figure i make a little extra money and get rid of random stuff in my house. :p If interested, let me know. I will then pm you my paypal email for payment. Once playment is finalized, i will send as soon as i can and keep you posted. Items will have tracking numbers and insurance. If you don't feel comfortable with that, i can put the item on eBay privately; however, you will pay the stocking fee. I will also try my best to explain the condition of each item. if you need more pictures and descrpitions, please let me know. Let's get started. :)

EDIT: Started to put few items on eBay. If you want the reserve price PM me.

Still for sale is a Madcadtz Vanilla MvC3 PS3 Stick. Looking for $81 bucks plus shipping. US and Canada only please.

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes W

Kamen Rider Decade Figuarts

Kamen Rider Den-o Climax form Figuarts

SOLD (Removed from eBay due to early sale.) !!
Mortal Kombat PS3 collector's Edition. DLC codes have been used and game is not included.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversay Box for PS3.

Next is the Futurama 1999-2009 box set (First run and the 4 movies).

Will post more stuff if i have. Thanks. :)
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