Good Video Editing App for Android phones


[09] Warrior
Hey guys, does anyone know of a good video editing app (for android phones) that doesn't require an annual subscription? Any suggestions will be really appreciated, thanks!


[08] Mercenary
Been a while since I've followed along with video editing apps but yeah subscriptions seem to be a big thing now, which I'm not a fan of either.

Right now I'm relying on Cyberlink's ActionDirector. It gives me most of the basic features I need for free (trim, crop, filters, transitions, music, text, change video, speed, etc), no watermarks, and can produce in 4K, all w/o a subscription. Can purchase other filters, titles, stickers, and transitions within the app if one chooses to do so.

I'm sure someone may know of something better yet I've been relying on Cyberlink for years for video editing software on my PC's so have a little more faith in them.