Granblue Versus


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So Team Spooky seems interested in this 2.5D fighting game. Looks pretty easy for newcomers to fighting games too. Developed by ArcSys and being brought over by XSeed. Game releases next month.

New trailers today in Japan highlighting the upcoming Character DLC packs and the reveal of major villains. It looks like GBVS is partly adapting the multi-year long Anniversary Story; What Makes the Sky Blue by bringing in it's two most popular villains, Beelzebub (Chaos Bringer) and Belial. Shockingly, Sandalphon isn't anywhere in the reveal, but given he's the main hero of the story (and very popular), I'm sure he'll show up soon.

Anyone interested in this title?


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Only if it's on PC and only if it isn't as intense as GG series
Somewhat I doubt for both
But it's nice to look at


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Certainly seems to be a lot of chatter about the game on other sites and twitch, not seeing much here, though.

David Blain

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The developer firm has openly stated that it's going to make a wide franchise through this game universe, and has invested a lot of money in the game.
So, in the category of "fighting games with weapons", this game will be a serious rival to SoulCalibur
Especially, considering lot of characters for the most massive audience of fighting games (schoolboys ;) ).