Greetings From Finland Personal Edition


[07] Duelist
Greetings, fellow fans. This is Herr-Krieg writing.

Yesterday I wrote my very first thread in the site, "Greetings from Finland" ( ), as my way of introducing myself to the site and you folks. Howerver it mostly introduced my story short-cutted as to how I became a fan of the franchise, so I decided to write this thread to cover up more about my personal site: Basic info about me, what am I like, my "mentality" for playing the franchise etc. Without further adjó, here´s some raw data about me. Feel free to comment, I´m always up to some constructive conversation.

Real name: Jaakko Ryymin

Age: 22 (having my birthday tomorrow so we could say 23)

Living place: Killerinkuja 2 (Killerstreet in english, yes I know, sounds convenient right XD?), City Of Kempele, Province of Pohjois-Pohjanmaa, Finland.
Occupation: Student in University of Applied Sciences, Information- and librarybusiness program.

Hobbys: Bowling, airsoft, miniature playing and painting (Warhammer 40 000 mostly), swimming (used to be, should be doing more actively), cosplaying, etc.

Interests: history (particulary World War 2 and 1 era, military history in general) history books, military antique, miniatures, anime, manga, videogames, cosplaying, movies, etc.

Favorite Soul Calibur character: Azwel ( German ,genious ,sadist, lunatic, hypocrite with world reshaping plans, what´s not to like XD? )

Platform for playing Soul Calibur franchise: Playstation 3 and 4.

Mentality when playing Soul Calibur franchise: Casual. I´m mostly concentrated on character creation, original characters and story. Sure I also like playing fighting modes, seeing how my created characters look like in action and learning at least the basics and strenghts of different fightings styles in Soul Calibur games. I just don´t feel like being seriously competetive about playing against other players. I mostly go up against AI´s and don´t feel like having mentality enough to compete against others in tournaments, so don´t expect to see me in tournaments. Perhaps the other reason for this is the fact that I have a crappy internet connection in my PS3 and PS4 so, yeah XD.