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Groh -

I call his stance as ST right now for lack of knowing the actual name

AAA - Feels pretty standard

6AA - HM - Doesn’t jail
Knocks down

6A6 is a stance transition

3A - Feels stubby and standard

2A - Standard

1A - Hits grounded

SC - 1AK

4A - Way slow, but it’s got a huge hitbox

4A6 is + on block into stance

66_33_99AA - H,M - Jails, stabbable on block but not BB punishable

22_88A - H - Delayable with a pretty big hitbox
Gives full combo on delay seen in trailer… I can’t figure out that combo though, best I found was 3B launch

44A - h - AutoGI Verticals -
Lethal Hit on aGI gives pretty big combo

BBB MMM - Standard

6BB MM - Marginally slower than BB
6BB6 gives big advantage in stance

3B - Standard
SC - 3B goes into stance
Combo - 44B+K or 6A+B6

2B - Solid, just a hair less range than you want

1BB - L, m - toe poke into thrusting mid thingy

SC 1BB goes into stance

4B - Sidestepping mid swipe that hits grounded.
SC 4B can go into stance

66BB - MM - NC on grounded hits,
Techable in tech trap situations
Gap between to GI/RE

22B - m - uppercutty thing, doesn’t hit grounded though it looks like it should

Lethal Hit - Whiff punish - Combo 9B+K to spike into tech trap

44B - M - Big down smashy thing
+ On block
Linear as fuck

K - I honestly don’t remember what this one does. I want to say it’s standard and not memorable, but I honestly can’t remember what this one does

6K - h - Thrusting high kick thingy…
The animation feels like there might be something else there with a soul charge or stance thingy

3K - Standard and stubby

2K - Standard

1K - L - Lars d/b4
No clue about CH/LH/SC properties

4K - m - Ballerina kick
Knocks back a good distance on hit, good to look for ring out opportunities

66K - Big launcher
Crouching frames early
Painfully linear
Combo - 9B+K to tech trap

22K - Looks like 1K

44K - Forward flip kick
Lethal Hit on whiff punish for 66K launch

A+B - m - Guard Break that launches
A+B6 goes into stance and is + on block
Combos into super for big damage
A+B6 combos into ST A for tech trap options

6A+B - mm - Double hitting tracking thingy
Lethal Hit on CH and movement counter into launcher
6A+B6 goes into stance and gets stun combos

4A+B - M - Looks like 22B but feels slower
Didn’t really mess with this move

66A+B - Spinning forward slashes
Amazing range, I think this will work for backstep catch when they can backstep 1A

B+K - Manual stance transition

6B+K - m,m - Double hitting mid that doesn’t hit grounded
6B+K6 to ST

66B+K - M,M - NC on grounded hit
66B+K6 to ST

4B+K - m - Thrusting thingaroo
Didn’t really mess with it, painfully linear button

44B+K - The jumping 2 piece that ends in the side to side kick

Stance - ST - B+K in neutral or use 6 to transition out of buttons

A - lllllllll - Low helicopter

B,B m,m, m,m - Single B goes back into ST
In stun combo B,B and B, ST A+B work

K - L - Goes back into ST
Low kick with good tracking

A+B - m - Tracking mid Attack Throw

B+K - M - Guard Break that hits grounded

2_8 - Sidestep that puts 22_88 buttons to neutral

Soul Charge - 6A - Horizontal guard break
Teleports to fixed distance in front of the opponent

6B - Teleports above in front of opponent and falls down on them with a linear string

6K - Dynamic entry

6 - Teleport forward

4 - Teleport behind


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Excellent work. By the way the stance Groh goes into with B+K, 6A6, 4A6, 6BB6, Soul Charge Mode 3B, Soul Charge Mode 1BB, Soul Charge Mode 4B, A+B6, 6A+B6, 6B+K6, 66B+K6, & ID B is called Innocent Draw or ID for short.
B6 also goes into ID stance.

11K is a standard low sweep.
11B is side-stepping slash.

5K or just K is a high side-hitting snap kick. Pretty standard.

AAA and BBB all hit high and mid respectively.