[Guide] Ivy Guide for Beginners [Guide]


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Yes, and at the end you need to press :B+G: to perform the grab.

I believe the "gauge" is called the Soul Meter.. and the "combo" you might be thinking of is the :A+G::BE: which is a "Brave Edge" grab.

Is that the one called Soul Surfer? If so I believe it is a different move. The move link does at 8min into the video it looks like it uses Brave edge but I am not sure what move that it. I also did not know you could use Brave edge or the soul meter, with her move where she flings you up in the air and if you keep pressing B you can keep whipping the person.


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The first move you are talking about at 8 mins was the 1B BE ( :1::B::BE:) and the "flinging them up into the air" is :8::8:_:2::2::B: ~ :B::B::B:.

You can also do a Just Frame version of the "flinging" move by pressing B just as she hits them with the whip on each hit.


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Thanks. Yeah I love the flinging one. Not very good when it comes to Just guards or Just frames though.

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