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How likely would one who has not played SC be to think my designs are base game character costumes?

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I went back and redesigned one of my Hilde's. I am quite happy with the outcome overall, as my original was one of my least liked costumes. It was weak in its blending and colour breadth, and the neck cover I attempted to build just didn't look very nice. Much happier with the redesign.




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Another two creations revisited so I could port them over to my PC for Ansel shots.

I returned to one of my proudest creations, Festive Carnival Hilde, and upon review, I decided that it was an ABOMINATION! Haha. So I made some minor modifications to the chest design. For my Highlander Warrior Hilde, only modification was the pocket sticker on the skirt, and the only reason I changed that is I couldn't get over having the white border of the old design. Hate those borders, and didn't have enough stickers remaining to cover it.

I remember when I initially designed the Festive Carnival Hilde I was exceptionally proud of the chest design simply due to the complexity of the sticker and pattern blending on the chest, it is probably some of the most intricate sticker work I have done as it required the use of the sticker duplication glitch x 3 plus pattern blending. BUT, just because something is complex doesn't mean it looks good, so taking the step back and simplifying it I think was greatly to the benefit of the design. As a matter of fact, I would go as far to say my original choice was ugly.




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A few more updates.

I recently created two new costumes, one I am quite proud of, the other is a joke!

For the first I had a dark vision of a suffering Hilde, inflicted with a wound stemming from treachoury in Wolfkrone running away seeking allies. I name it Betrayed Fugitive Hilde.

Second many of my Canadian crew have started making Mounties to represent online. I joined them with this cheesy creation!

And excitedly, I have finally curated a complete portfolio on SOULCALIBURCREATIONS.com. As you know you can now get a maximum of 30 photos on your portfolio assuming you have had it for over a month and have referred someone. : ) I am pretty proud of the portfolio, and I think it is a diverse showcase of my skill as a CAS creator.

Check it out here and let me know what you think!