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Hello everyone! A while it has been, but I have returned to these fantastic forums to share my creations in Soul Calibur VI with you!

I have been loving everyone's CAS characters so far, and you have all clearly proven that a mere lack of items cannot deter you from making some beautiful and unique warriors. You are all so creative and talented!!

Before I get this underway, let me take a quick second to express...
My thoughts on the new CAS!
I love to complain about the lack of items as much as the next guy, but I have to give credit where it's due. Namco has greatly improved their creation tool in so many areas which it fell flat before. The versatility of sticker placement is better than ever. I find myself using stickers (and patterns for that matter) more than I ever have before. The colors on many items appear much more clearly than they did last time around, and some returning items even have a greater number of individual color slots. The character viewing system is so incredibly useful for taking screenshots of characters. The number of poses is impressive, and I love the solid color background feature, although I wish you could dull the intensity down from 9, allowing for some more muted color bgs. But alas. I could probably go on, but why do that when I can post my characters? Without further ado...

Name: Jian Shen
Style: Kilik


He's a Bhuddist monk from China with a patient mind and soul. Not too creative on the concept, but I love designing monk characters so what they hey. I up and made 3 outfits for this guy. This one looks alot like Tien Shinhan from Dragon Ball. It wasn't intentional, but I certainly don't mind it.


Jian Shen's 2P outfit. I keep going back and forth on how much I like this one. The jade coupled with the dark red is hard to get used to, but sometimes I really like it. The costume is definitely more Shinto based, even though he is Chinese lol. The blend of Chinese and Japanese aesthetics led to sort of a Mortal Kombat look. And yes I see that rope clipping through the tunic, but sometimes you just gotta surrender to the clipping in the name of character design.


Here is Jian Shen's 3P outfit. Obviously went for the classic Shaolin monk look with a sprinkle of fantasy. Very pleased with how this one turned out.

Name: Shroud
Style: Taki

Not much is known about what Shroud is or where he came from. His silhouette is said to have been spotted all over Europe and Russia, but only ever at night. He has been accused of looting by several well-known wealthy aristocrats, but has never been caught. He is said to have some sort of connection to the Soul Edge that dates back farther than anyone knows, and is currently seeking to destroy it.

That's all for tonight folks! I will post more characters in the coming days, as I have plenty stored up in my game and of course plenty to still create. Thanks for visiting my gallery!


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Shroud has the perfect name and looks very bloodbornish, creepy and cool at the same time with the muted colors, the cape and hat and armor/torn cape. Like a Nighty in civilian attire. I also noticed the clever use of a tattoo sticker to prolong the wound on the arm, blends in nicely as all stickers should (they shouldn't stick out :).
The other are ok, but for an asian monk i would consider different a different face, this one doesn't quite fit, battle monks are battle-hardened and fierce looking (not looking like a high-school teen :), try youtube monk vs mma fighter or something like that :)
And remember you can add grit or subtle face paint, or give the face more details through set 3 of said facepaints.
Good start nonetheless !


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Agreed with Vil on making Jian older. If he has to be young, I’d suggest the buzz cut.

Shroud looks cool, even if he seems like Nightmare if he was more of a Rogue class.


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Evening! It's...
The Jian Shen Update!

@VILARCANE and @SpellcraftQuill, thank you both very much for your suggestions! I changed Jian's face to look a little older and added a little scarring on his cheek. I think it worked wonders for his personality. :)
I'm glad you both liked Shroud! Quill, I too thought of him as looking like a rogue/thief version of Nightmare.


Jian's 1P and 3P with his new face. His determination shows.


I made some tweaks to Jian Shen's 2P outfit. He of course also has the new face. Here is what else I have done:
- Changed the trim on his tunic/wrap to light beige
- Changed the pattern on his shoulder belt(?)
- Recolored his ankle wraps to match his pants/socks
- Completed the pattern on his hat
- Repositioned/resized his shoe stickers to fit more naturally
- Tweaked his shoulder and ankle pad stickers; much happier with these now

I will post a few fresh new characters and costumes tonight! Thank you for the feedback! :)


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So is Jian single? On a serious note the face change did wonders for him! The other smaller tweaks help his 2p stand out more in comparison to his 1p and 3p. Keep up the good work!


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So is Jian single? On a serious note the face change did wonders for him! The other smaller tweaks help his 2p stand out more in comparison to his 1p and 3p. Keep up the good work!
Thank you very much! About Jian, he is a Bhuddist monk, so he's not excatly... playing the field right now lol. But yeah not a bad lookin dude lmao.


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Time for round 2. Two OCs and two main cast alts. Let's go!

Name: Dong Fei
Style: Maxi


Dong Fei is the rival of Jian Shen. His gold-plated arms were inspired by Dave Bautista's character "Brass Body" from the movie The Man With the Iron Fists. Unlike Brass Body, Dong does not have the power to alter his skin. Coming from a wealthy family, he simply wears tight, extravagant looking armor.
A brutish man from the noble Fei family of Chengdu, China, he graduated from the prestigious Dragon Fei School of Martial Arts at the top of his class. This was thanks only to the fact that his father, Lung Fei, founded the school. "Boss" Lung is a notorious gang leader, and he uses the school as a cover-up for gang recruitment and a way to pay off public officials. Dong is on his way to becoming his father's top enforcer, and he will not pass up any opportunity to prove himself. Luckily for him, a little monk is coming to town on a mission to take down the ring of organized crime.
The scars on Dong's forehead symbolize the six trials he had to pass in order to graduate from his father's school. Only those that swear loyalty to Boss Lung's gang are allowed to graduate. Those who have tried to drop out all ended up dying in "horrible, freak accidents" weeks later.

Name: Cropstalker
Style: Zasalamel

Cropstalker was once a lifeless scarecrow, but was one day given life by an evil alchemist farmer. After a month of doing the alchemist's bidding, Cropstalker murdered his own master with the scythe used for his crops. Since then, Cropstalker has made the farm his own and has become deeply learned in the ways of alchemy. He is now a powerful sorcerer, and he travels seeking to purge the earth of mortals that attempt to tamper with the spiritual plane. He sees himself as a bringer of justice for the dead.

Costume: Snow Cover Taki

When Taki has to traverse perilous, snowy environments, I imagine this is what she wears. Wasn't sure about this one at first but it keeps growing on me.

Costume: Sakura Mitsurugi or Cherry Blossom Mitsurugi

Mitsurugi takes on a more refined look, perhaps trying to blend in with a high class society, or maybe he's just feeling himself and wants to strut his stuff. ;)
This one was really fun to make! I'm happy with the result.

Thanks again for your views and comments all! Expect more tomorrow! :)


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Cropstalker is funny as hell, and has a good story (i did a scarecrow too in SC5 :), what did you want to do with the horns i am not sure ?
I like your elegant mitsu really cool with sensible use of ExEq, patterns and colors : very refined as you say, and he looks younger : the goatee is perfect btw...faces on the others are better, and the other tweaks are interesting too...


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@VILARCANE thank you so much! Glad you like my Mitsu, and that the goatee came across well. As for the horns on Cropstalker, they're just supposed to be an extension of his gauntlet lol. I didn't like the opposing red and blue gems, so I decided to keep the blue one and cover up the red with some armor.

@NeclordX I see what you mean about Dong Fei. I think the biggest cause of this is the continued dragon from his knee around to his back. I think I may keep it for now, as I have a soft spot for that dragon. Perhaps Dong uses the patterns on his gaudy clothing to distract his enemies. ;)
Thank you for your feedback! I will keep this in mind when designing future characters.


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I think he looks pretty badass with the buzz cut since the complete bald look seems a bit too clean. It certainly works better for him if you want him younger since I shave my head too (I hate my forehead irl) and just can’t get perfectly bald.


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I think he looks pretty badass with the buzz cut since the complete bald look seems a bit too clean. It certainly works better for him if you want him younger since I shave my head too (I hate my forehead irl) and just can’t get perfectly bald.
Thanks man! The other costume I think will stay shiny bald because I'm partial to the Tien Shinhan resemblance, but I agree that this one looks much better with the buzz! :)


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Yellow Jian: Awesome. Super authentic monk character. Like something straight out of For Honor. Super macho, especially with the buzzcut. Love the triple bracelet thing too. Perfectly fits the monk theme. Overall, every piece contributes to the theme, and nothing goes wasted. Character design at its finest. The one thing I’d look into is lightening the pattern on the pants.

Sakura Mitsurugi: The noble look suits him very well. Like a ceremonial uniform. Since the bling factor is so high on this outfit, I’d recommend toning everything down. This means slightly lightening the pants and shirt and darkening the shoulders, belt, and shirt. Nice custom necklace too!

Snow Taki: I really like this. Tons of fur detailing, scale pattern to emulate padded clothing. And an oddly bulky top. I like the sticker work on the pants too, like padding for extra warmth.

Cropstalker: Brilliant idea and character design, but the arms look a bit bare compared to the rest of the outfit. I really like the custom eyeholes for the mask. Do you mind if I take a crack at this character? I’m trying to make a horror themed batch.

Dong Fei: Another top-shelf character. It’s tough making a convincing villain without looking too Edge-Lord-ish, but everything in the design conveys that perfectly. The scars are both menacing and fitting for the renegade monk theme. Yoshi’s metal arms also look appropriately intimidating. Try toning down the pattern just a touch here. Overall perfect color distribution too. Amazing.

Raiden Jan: You’re just killing it with the monks here. I’ve always struggled to use that Raiden hat, but the stickers really make this rock. Kickass.

Shroud: Great custom waist armor with the lion crest sticker. I really like the demon + jaunty rogue combo. Playful demon. I recommend trying a darker color scheme here

Green Jian: Awesome sticker work again. Loving the custom shoulder and wrist armor. Combining stickers with ExEq is always best. Nice touch with the stickers on the shoes too. The scarf is somewhat too modern looking in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind just a solid color here, actually.

Overall, Snow Taki is awesome, but I gotta say this is some of the best manly CaS that I’ve ever seen. All super functional designs with just the right level of bling. Somehow SC6 suits you way better than SC5. I’ll need to take notes from here on how to make manly CaS.


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@brucege Thank you so much for your awesome reviews! I'm glad you are enjoying my characters! I agree that for some reason I seem to have more ease with SC6, but that may be because I have had alot of practice since the SCV days.
Will definitely try that with Dong's arms. He's one of my favorites, glad you like him too. :)
Thanks for your comments on some of my sticker armor, good to know it's convincing enough! I'm happy you noticed the rings on Shaolin Jian, I was pleased with those.

I never knew my creations were so macho, but I appreciate that and will take it to heart!

Also, I would LOVE to see your interpretation of Cropstalker! Go for it. Thank you for taking interest!


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Evening all. Update time! 4 alts, 2 OCs. Let's take a look!

Costume: Regal Cervantes

A recreation of a SCV costume I made back when I first discovered this forum. Check this one out in the Cervantes Edits thread to see the old one and its inspiration!

Costume: Sea Brute Cervantes

This is the first alternate costume I made in SC6. Partially inspired by his look in Soul Calibur 2, partially something completely original. This entire costume stemmed from the shoulder pads. As soon as I realized how much I liked them on Cerv, I followed my instinct from there.

Costume: Ronin Mitsurugi

Wanted something simple for Mitsu. Tried to get that wandering wayfarer look down.

Costume: Anime Kilik or OP Kilik

As you can see, his hair is normally silver until he performs Soul Charge. Had fun with this one. Kind of cheesy but that's why I call it anime Kilik.

Name: Delgrym
Style: Geralt


My take on an orc mercenary/bounty hunter. Here you can see a rare example of where I think the clipping kind of works. Looks like his coat tails are layered under some of the fur.

Name: Zeljiban
Style: Azwel


My favorite of this batch. I love playing with the Arabian sorcerer vibe. So much fun! @VILARCANE, this is the guy your Grand Visir reminded me of!

BONUS! Lil Zeljiban photoshoot that I thought was f*cking hilarious.


Hope you enjoyed looking at these macho manly dudes. Some ladies are on their way in the next update! ;)


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@SpellcraftQuill Thanks very much! I'm glad his archetype reads well. :)

Edit: Thanks for that, I love my fur items. Really miss the fur pauldrons in this game. :( I had an Arabic ninja in SCV that looked great with those. Maybe I'll post him here some time.
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Did I say ladies? I meant Yoshimitsu.

Here is a micro-update before I go to sleep, just wanted to post these. Ladies are still on their way.

Costume: Demon King Yoshi

This one came pretty naturally. Just seemed like the right route to go for our boy.

Costume: Lotus Yoshimitsu

Ok, I'm proud of this one. Don't know how it happened but I'm glad it did.