Hello, I'm new here.


[01] Neophyte
Hello everyone, I'm a new member here, I'm a casual player who played exclusively offline.

SE (Arcade) was the first game in the Soul series that I played back in 2001 or 2002 (I believe it was an old arcade machine) in a hotel in Bali. I remember choosing Sophitia because of her blue shield, and I continued choosing her as well as Cassandra in SC2 until I became an Amy main in SC4 because I liked her Gothic Lolita inspired design fast attacks as well as rapiers in general.

I was also a member in soulcaliburuniverse.com back in 2008 before that site was shut down in 2009 (I still don't know what was the reason that site went down), and I've seen some familiar names from that site such as @Ooofmatic and @HogisGuy here.

Anyway, I hope to spend a lot of time here reading all the great posts and hopefully I can write some great posts too.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English, I have ESL.


[12] Conqueror
Welcome! I hope to see you around, it's always great to see new people. Drop by the general discussion or CaS discussions, there is almost always activity there and some really awesome people too. Hope to see you around, Randy!


[09] Warrior
Welcome! If you want to learn Cass a little better feel free to ask me any questions, even strats versus other characters.