Hilde: Combo Listing

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[11] Champion
:sc5sc:NATURAL COMBOS:sc5se:
AA: 24​
6AKA: 38​
3[A]: 32​
22_88AA: 38​
BB: 30​
6BB: 28​
3BA: 34​
3BB: 28​
22_88B: 50​
A+B: 25​
C3A: 48​
C2B: 38​
C3BA: 60​


[09] Warrior
:sc5sc:STANDARD COMBOS:sc5se:
3[A], C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 72
3BA, C1B: 62
4KK: 2nd hit connects: C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 90
11_77A, 1B: 42
22_88B, C2B, C3A, 2K: 94-99
WR K, 2B: 38
C2A, 2A+B: 58
BTB+K, BT2B: 38
B+K, Air Throw, C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 106-109​


[09] Warrior
:sc5sc:COUNTER HIT COMBOS:sc5se:
6AKB, 2A+B:​
6AKB, C3A, 2K:​
3A, C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 83-85​
66B, 66K: 49​
[A+B] C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 76​


[09] Warrior
:sc5sc:METER COMBOS:sc5se:
CH 66B-BE,C2B, C3A, 2K: 89-92​
3B-BE, C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 92​
CH 66B, CE: 65​
6K, CE: 61​
22_88B, CE: 111​
CH [A+B], CE: 87​
C2A, CE: 96​
A+G-BE, CE: 140


[09] Warrior
:sc5sc:WALL COMBOS:sc5se:
Use C!A or 6K to W!​
C1A, W! Back throw: 93​
C1A, W! 6BBB: 78-79​
C1A, W! C3BA: 76-77​
C1A, [A+B] C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 85​
C1A, 66B-BE, C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 98-100​
A+G-BE, Back throw: 107​
A+G-BE, W!, C2B, G, C3A, 2K – 98​
A+G-BE, W!, C1A, [A+B], C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 107​
A+G-BE, W!, C2A, CE: 119​
A+G-BE, W!, C1A, W!, [A+B], C2A, CE: someone get me a damage confirm on this - Runis​
A+G-BE, W!, 6AKB, 3B-BE, C2A, W!, [A+B], C2B, G, C2B, G, C2B, G, C2B, G, C3A, 2K: 150ish, CHARACTER SPECIFIC!!! (Large hitbox only aka Sieg, NM, Ivy, Asta etc.)
B+G W!, 1B: 69​
B+G W!, 1KK, 2K:​
C4A, SS, C2B, G, C3A, 2k: 154​
C4A, 66B-BE, G, C3A, 2k: 171​
C4B, W!, CE: 219​

On Crumble Walls:


[09] Warrior
:sc5sc:ADVANCED COMBOS:sc5se:
3B-BE Loops:​
Any combo that uses C2B, G can be extended with 3B-BE, G, C2B for up for as many repetitions as your meter permits.


22_88B, C2B, G, 3B-BE, G, C2B, G, 3B-BE, G, C2B, G, 3B-BE, G, C2B – 140

C2B, G, C2B Loops:

Any combo that uses C2B, G can be looped continuously with itself.

Example: CH [A+B], C2B, G, C2B, G, C2B, G, C2B, G C2B - Until it drops or until the opponent has lost all remaining health.

3B-BE + C2B, G, C2B:

When used together the C2B, G, C2B Loop becomes easier to perform because 3B-BE resets the initial height of launch from the original C2B.

Example: CH [A+B], C2B, G, C2B, G, 3B-BE, C2B, G, C2B, 3B-BE - Rinse and Repeat.

B+K and 3B-BE Airthrow: Using the B+K or 3B-BE airthrow during combos is highly inconsistent but possible and very stylish.

Example: 22_88B, C2B, G, C2B, G, 3B-BE, C2B, G, C2B, G, B+K (Airthrow), C2B, G, C3A, 2K: Swag!​


[09] Warrior
B+K's airthrow -
The airthrow has a very bizzare hitbox. If you look at any of my vids when I land it, it always looks like I should have missed it cause it was too late, but then they get flung up into the air and slammed back down. I think this is because B+K's air-throw hitbox is considerably lower than you'd think. It would help so much if we had some kind of hitbox viewer, but I doubt this would be possible. To help people with the loop, I advise only use it in situations where you think that G C2B won't relaunch them, cause it seems that in these situations B+K will throw. - Runis

C2B's Loop -
Ok, something I've noticed when practising this is that the relaunch relies on two things,
1st is how high the opponent is when the C2B hits. If they are really high off the ground or only just barely off the ground, it will relaunch otherwise it won't.
2nd, The C2B will whiff if the camera is thrown off axis. This is actually a system thing rather than a Hilde thing where if you mess up the camera you can force whiffs because the character's targeting goes haywire. This is also why its possible to step Hilde's CE at point blank. If by chance the Camera goes awkward and sideways looking, it means your next C2B will likely whiff and you should probably go for a 3B BE to relaunch instead since Hilde will aim off to the side instead. - Runis
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