Hilde Punishers

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Dude, plz stop spamming here, if you want tips for punishing with Hilde go ahead and post it, but dont spam plz.


Hilde SA Mod
Yes we do. It's not an infinite.
And if you want info on punishment wait a day on two I'm working on an indepth guide.


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In all honesty it is great off side step/side dash, something that most certainly should not be forgotten about, same as its insane damage and RANGE on TC counters. Also it saves from human error in that it requires no input humanly besides letting go of a button, a surprising factor that though minuscule, in a game of inches, all that important.
Also, speaking of C4B and its magic ability in making the other fighter's health bar decrease by 3/4 on one move, did we ever discover a "safe" way to use it on someone.
i have caught many people online off guard when i knock them down with 2 a+b or 2 b+k with c4b maybe just luck also some where pinned against the corner of the wall
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