Hokulis creation


[01] Neophyte
From long time I was using creation on SC6 to have "more" faighters and now I wants to share my work.

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Rusted Blade

[14] Master
Hey Hokulis: welcome to the community!

I like your mediterranean-flavoured dwarf: I can easily see him as an NPC pirate or trader sitting on the docks with a quest in some subtropical port in some modern western RPG like Dragon Age or Kingdoms of Amalur: he just has that look. :)

Your Abyss-esque creation is also interesting: the Emile's Mask ExEq combined with the Apocalypse Helm creates a surprisingly effective total visage.

Your elderly Shaw Bros.-like wuxia master is also a nice concept, though if you will forgive a minor critique on this one, I don't think the pauldrons and boots really work on him.

I also like your approach to Ashlotte (I think that's supposed to be Ashlotte and not some random automaton?): it seems to me that just about everyone who tried to recreate her in SCV or SCVI fixated on that weird wire skirt thing she had in SCIV, as her most unique design feature, with wildly varying levels of success. I think your decision to instead just re-imagine another (albeit aesthetically similar) outfit for her makes a lot of sense.

Your Viola (again, pretty sure it's meant to be Viola?) has given me the head-canon of a Viola or Amy that fights with Valeria's Grieve Edge as a secondary weapon, so thanks for that, because I will never get the idea out of my head now, I think!

Your Swiss guard and ragnorak Hulk are both nice ideas, but it's worth noting we've seen some very, very similar builds here before. Still, it's pretty hard to be completely original with every creation these days, after so many creators have created so many designs.

Ah, Angol Fear--I'd virtually forgotten about her!

An interesting little first sampling, on the whole: got any more coming?