How do you play your Nightmare?

:sc2nm1: im a spammer, no joke, il use my :8:, :2: and all around heavys to demolish my opponent, on occasion throwing in a throw if im getting beat, quite rarely use :A:+:B:, too risky
I try to soul crush with 1[A], GS B, 66B, among other things.

Other than that, I space with agA and B+K NSS and lots of empty GS to throw mixups.
My Nightmare lives and dies on whether or not I can get the opponent on the ground consistently enough. His ground game is stellar. I also try to step a lot because he seems to be the only character that has a step that isn't completely fucking useless. Lots of agA - 11K - 66B+K to keep distance. 1(A), 2(K), NSS > K > 2A+B are all fun wakeup games. I'd like to get to know a bit more about him in general though. Like what is the timing for JF agA because I can't seem to get it (although I exclusively use the a5A+G version and that's probably why).