How to Maximize your damage with Z.W.E.I?


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This is a little something for someone learning the mechanics of Z.W.E.I or people who want to win with Z.W.E.I but are having trouble dealing damage with him.

When playing Z.W.E.I it is important to understand how to do the most damage you can do when you get the opportunity to do so.

How to do this?

Landing Counter Hits guarantees good damage with Z.W.E.I. If (B) is landed succesfully on Counter Hit, you will deal 44 damage to the opponent and be at a +12 advantadge with 1 charecter length apart. If they attack directly an A+B will Counter Hit the attack. A back step can counter this option but the back step without a step cancel can be counter with 66B. These are a few example of dealing damage with Counter Hit. There are a lot more and I encourage people to experiment with this concept.

Another way to deal damage is to land particular attacks he has. Some of them easier then others.

2K - This move is a little linear but it is a very good 2k. Harass with this move.

22K - After 2K try throwing this move out if they try to BB you after 2K. 22K is by far one of his best tools for getting damage. Learn to love this move.

WR B - This another gem of a move he has. The down side is that its i25 and It does not have TC. If you Are able to duck a high or a throw or stpe a big move, consider this attack. This movie leads to big damage with out meter and even more with meter and some combo practice. The combo that you want to learn is

WR B > Back Turn B+K > G > 1K BE > CE

Learning how to combo into WR B with 4(A) Ein and 1 Ein is a good idea. 4(A) grants more combo damage fyi.

There is no stun scaling in this combo, so you get your meters worth from this one. The G > 1K BE transition takes a lot of practice, You have to be exact for it o be a proper combo since this transition is a 1 frame shift.

A+B = This tool leads to a lot of things. Wall combos, ring outs, and Okizime traps. A delayed 66A+B is a good follow up.

66A+B - This move is great for damage, but horribly slow. Dont expect to land this move if someone understands how to step or 2A this move. Ein is horribly GI'able as well.

With that being said, scoring a hit with this move or forcing the opponent to block it can be very good as well. If landed I suggest the 4[A+B] follow up everytime to puild meter.

If they step the attack, you might get lucky with Ein if you hold him and you manage to block or evade the attack. When someone knows how to step it right however, you will eat a ton of damage. So be careful. I make mistakes constantly with this move and you will to lol.

On block is where this move gets to be fun. If Ein is not held and Ein is blocked or JG'ed then you are in great shape. The key to winning with 66A+B is the first hit being blocked because it does an excessive amount of Guard Damage. Go to practice mode and try it out. I beleve it takes 7 of them to force the opponent to be in code red which means that the next breaking attack that is used will burst them granted the bar does not refil.

Another good trick is to Hold Ein slightly if you are expecting a GI. If the opponent GI's and Z.W.E.I is able to block, Z.W.E.I can JG the opponents GI. I am uncertain what the rate of advantage is for either player but I do know Z.W.E.I is safe whenever this occurs. A good way to make someone think twice about using meter to use Ein. This can be used with all of Z.W.E.I's attacks as long as Z.W.E.I is able to blcok.

Finally the last thing that has to be mentioned is how to max out your damage in combos. The first thing that has to be understood is how the damage scaling system in the game works. For each hit landed in a combo, the damage is reduced as consecutive hits are landed. Meaning the longer the combo goes, the later hits are reduced in damage. Another thing to note is that any time a stun occurs, damage scaling is increase significantly, a prime example of this is Z.W.E.I's on Counter hit 1K Ein In CE combo, The CE is Scaled heavily, I only reconmend this when you are trying to close the game out.

The reason why this is impostant is to understand what attacks should be used with B+K BE. B+K BE is Z.W.E.I's biggest damage dealer if used in conjunction with certain attacks and strategies.

There are a few things to keep in mind with B+K BE
A. its slow as dirt
B. You are unable to block for about a second when you use it
C. It has a really weird Tech Crouch at the end of its animation.
D. If you score a NH, they will fly to the ground, 1A is guaranteed or if Ein was delayed you can land A+B or 66BA while they are in the air.
E. On Counter hit, This move does more damage. On Counter hit this move also causes a Ground Stun that allows you to combo into CE without Stun Scaling.
F.If a Stun is used before Ein is landed, The damage is scaled. B+K BE > 4B for example is scaled a lot.
G. Certain attacks on Hit or Counter Hit guarantee big damage. 1K with B+K BE is a fantastic tool for dealing damage since both normal hit and Counter hit allows for a 1A follow up. 1B is another great tool while they are on the ground, B+K BE 1B Ein can combo on a rolling opponent if 1B hits.
H. You can control where Ein attacks from. Ein will always appear from behind and attack in front of zwei, that means if you get turned around, Ein will Whiff horribly. You can do [B+K] BE and side walk or side step, Ein will apear from where you started walking from. If side step then tap forward Ein position resets behind Z.W.E.I. It takes fast hands but its cool none theless. You can create a lot of unique situations with this.

These are all important things to realize and understand when using B+K BE. It takes a lot of practice to gain control over this move but it is a lot of fun to experiment with them.

One more thing I have to mention that I found messing around with zwei in practice mode. B+K BE has a known trick with B+K > B+K BE or B+K BE > B+, this was thought to be the only way to use Ein and then use B+K BE. I have good news, It turns out its not.

[A] - This requires a timed delay. If [A] > delay > B+K BE is done properly. B+K BE will be einless but will still come out.

(B)- is similar to [A[ but the delay is longer. [A] on first glance seems to be a better option for this.

6A+B - on whiff seems to allow for B+K BE right after the move is done. A little useless but interesting. On A sucessful GI the same kind of delay can be used to call Ein with B+K BE. This is a great chance to score big damage if you read your opponent.

4[A] and 1(B) - These work as well but im not certain how effective it would be.

The trick is to use B+K BE as Ein leaves the screen.

Hope this helps out. I am happy to answer questions if anyone has any.
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Yeah if its one thing ZWEI exceeds in its damage, 1 wrB combo is almost equal damage to a Pyrrha Omega DNSB.
And 66A+B 4(A+B) is a soild 90 damage meterless great whiff punisher.

These combos do nocticable damage and give good meter gain plus all the JG and Ein spacing your doing with 66A+B/1B)/4A) you got the meter for 4B BE combos/1K BE ROs and B+K BE like Egg said.

I'm sorta confused with this B+K BE thingy though, what's new about it?
I can use other Ein attacks then get to activate B+K BE during there cooldown?


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Its just a method for doing an einless B+K BE but you still get Ein if its timed right.