I'm done

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[12] Conqueror
Since people refuse to be civil to one another, and since I'm a pretty sensitive person, I'm done. The only reason I will ever go to this god-forsaken website is to look up information, frame data, match-up tips, new combo's and what-have-you. Those are the only things that matter to me.

I understand that this is how FGC's operate, that the general consensus is that it's "character building". Well, it only brings me down. Some of you people actually managed to put me into tears. It seems like being nice is beyond some of you.

I wanted to forget about 8wr entirely, but there's information here that is valuable and isn't found anywhere else.

I will no longer post anything, at all. To this day, I have not managed to post anything without some kind of negative response. I've got enough negativity in my life, don't need anymore.

Farewell all. Thank you Ring, for being nice to me even when I was wrong. I hope maybe you can set an example for others to follow. Thank you Hates, for an least having the decency to hide your contempt of me. Thank you Kingace, for keeping your cool even when I was being mean to you, I have learned the error of my ways. Thank you Rikuto, for helping me out with Astaroth combo's, you were never mean to me.

And thank you to all the mean-spirited people on this website. You people made me realize how trivial it is to debate.

Peace out
Not open for further replies.