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If there's any way to expose the versatility of a CaS part, it's through the entrants in this thread. You should all get free DLC forever, perhaps in exchange for having your creations used in SCV promotional material.

I really regret not getting up off my ass to sit my ass down and make an entry or three in this contest.

My favorite entries are:
NeclordX - Leo: Centurion's Plume mane looks great and the synthesis of the lion and warrior themes is natural. Please allow me to say that it's just so gosh darn adorable while simultaneously preserving my masculinity.

Matty82 - Willow the Owl: Matty82's trademark out-of-the-box thinking continues to impress. You clearly need to retake biology, seeing as how you were able to make a cat look like an owl and pull it off so well. The color scheme/patterns and use of feathers really pull it together.

HolyCarp - Lola the Duck - You could also use some remedial schooling. I think what I like about it the most is the color scheme; it really looks like a mascot of some sort. I like this CaS so much, you could say...
...I'm totally down for it.
Mephie - Catbug: You, perhaps, need to retake biology the most out of all the entrants here. I mean, insects don't even have vertebrae! Anyway, I absolutely love when CaS makers take animation and battle usage into account; this was executed especially well, here.

Maisie - Lala the Koala: The detailing on the Kittymeow head, including the wings sticker, the use of the raccoon tails, and whatever you did with the eyes goes a long way in transforming it into a koala head. Very well done.

MistaKoo - Moogle: That's one classy moogle. The bobbly ball-thing on top of its head (is there a proper name for it?) is a nice touch.

Fliptop - Monty: The classic Fliptop approach of detailing each-and-every last square inch of the model makes this CaS a sight to behold. The patterning on the head and the use of the Wildling Vest really carries this CaS' "grizzly beast" character across.

Considering the number of quality entries, it should be harder for me to vote, but I can easily cast my vote for Mephie's Catbug. Why? Like I said before, taking a CaS' animations into consideration counts for a lot with me. That it transforms into a bug-like CaS upon taking the Mantis Crawl stance is brilliant.

Excellent work to all entrants.


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Honestly guys I'm suprised I won this one as I thought there were a lot more fun and better designs here
But bigs either way :)


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Sorry for the late reply. I still haven't gotten to the odd choice awards choice, but I'll do it soon. College consumes me with essays. However, I'll go ahead and reveal today's ingredient just to keep things moving.

Arm Warmers

How will you 8wayrunners fare for this? The contest starts now until July 14th. Voting starts on July 14th and ends on July 16th. Get to it, 8wayrunners.


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Review time!

Close calls
TopGun080587 - The kung-fu dog Jacky Lee itself is cute, but what about the chains? What is their purpose? Because shaolin like stuff and chains don't quite mix imho. Unless you tailor it to look shaolin ish....

Fliptop - Pocky Yoshi likes the experiments and Monty was his most favorite. But today, thou hast been succeeded in captivation. Take heed Pocky Yoshi still wishes to see thee keep participating.

Mistakoo - Improved thou hast drastically. Miss Bunny was interesting and simple, The Moogle would please any Final Fantasy fan, and Meow T is masculine cute. Despite these 3 being very strong entries, thou hast been succeeded in captivation like Fliptop.

HolyCarp - Charmed Pocky Yoshi with the Monkeyman, Lola the duck, and Tiddles(the cute cat turned malfested). Very strong entry you were, but those adorable puns alone won't always sway Pocky Yoshi on neutral judgement.

Some coloring felt slapped on and some equipment felt meh. Particularly, the skirt on Lola the duck could use a bit more to compliment the whole thing.

Monkeyman is just monkeyman. Very simple and I like it, but the scaled pattern underneath makes Pocky Yoshi uneasy as I prefer hairy monkey over scaled super spandex suits.

Tiddles was cute and portrayed nicely. What makes it a strong entry is it became malfested with a typical example of what Soul Edge can do to you. In fact, this entry made Pocky Yoshi vote for you.

SpellcraftQuill - Pic of cuteness blurry. Pocky Yoshi sad. Wants to see what it really looks like.

NeclordX - El Vampiro Casmiro is quite nice.

However, Vampiro face kinda turns me off. Pocky Yoshi biased mind says too much bared fangs kills the cuteness and makes it meh. The color scheme is nice though.

Ms Apple is plain and to the point. No comment here. Ms Apple is a cat you'd stay away from.

Leo would have secured you odd choice award, but Pocky Yoshi must be neutral and critical. Pocky Yoshi felt you ignored the cape and skirt of Leo. Leo truly has too much of a heart full of gold. Remember, cuteness is enhanced if you control the color scheme. Should you have edited I think you'd win.

Maisie - First entry seemed nice on colors. The second entry with Lala the koala is however caught my interest. The third one with the noname frog was nice on colors, but that's the only thing that set it off. And imho, it doesn't look like a frog. But, I could tell you were struggling and Pocky Yoshi admires trial and error experiments like these.

FreeMeal - I want you to know your CAS is horrible. It's so horrible I looked at how poor Subject 5 looks quite a lot. What went wrong in that laboratory? Joking aside, imho it's a strong entry because it's very unique. Please keep on entering.

Mephie - Catbug is awesome. Armor Meow King is obligatory. Cheshire Cat is trollface awesome. You also were a strong entry. But today, I chose a different winner....

The winner of this odd choice awards winner goes to.....

I'll admit I had a bit too much fun doing this and actually kept the Kittymeow versions of the outfits I edited to make these.
Introducing the​
Don't let their appearance fool you! They're actually the meanest most bloodthirsty group of killers this side of Ostrheinsburg.​
They are:​
Tira aka Sassy Kitty! She doesn't take crap from anyone and will as soon gut you where you stand as make a witty remark!​
Then you have Algol aka Papa Kitty. He may bisect you with a single swipe but really he just wants a hug!
And finally the leader of the KittyMeow Squad, Starholm aka Sexy Kitty. This femme fatale is just purrfect and will criticize your outfit as she chops you into little pieces!
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:✧ Meow ✧:*╰(◕ヮ◕╰)

The CAS artists who would of got the crown is NeclordX(because of Leo), Mephie(because of Cheshire cat and Catbug), and FreeMeal(because even a simple disgusting thing can captivate me). Everyone else was really good, but these three were definitely the strongest imho.

You see, a couple peeps went with super heroics things like the cool Leo from NeclordX or Monkeyman from HolyCarp. Others went quirky awesome like Mistakoo's Meow T or Mephie's Catbug or FreeMeal's failed experiment. Majority tried different cute animals. like the Lala the Koala from Maisie.

Now Jess didn't catch my interests at first, but she unexpectedly captivate me. Let me elaborate.

A silly sexy kitten leader, derpy masculine but cute kitten Algol, and a sassy kitten Tira. Jess wins not because of the simple color scheme matching everyone, but because the squad and pics are portrayed adorable with the appropriate poses. Imagine how these three cats interact with each other. Imagine how they would terrorize together. Imagine the comedy while they terrorize.

Bare in mind, everyone did and excellent job giving Pocky Yoshi an overdose of "so cute and awesome" headaches that can only be cure by the destructive Kittymeow squad.


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Okay I think I might regret this (who am I kidding?) but here. I've recreated her a million times but this time with a twist and a background. I think that I may be forgiven if I provide a good presentation.


Background (20 years after SC5) P.S. This is the first time I'm attempting a background
As a young girl born to a world renowned scientist (father) and a doctor (mother), her life seemed destined for nobility and success. However, her life took a turn for the worst as her father started working under a mysterious organization; a project that involved making weapons of mass destruction using shards of Soul Edge and Soul Caliber.
Her father succeeded in making the weapons but not without losing his sanity. One night, he effectively turned into a malfested. He brutally killed his wife and nearly his own daughter before she killed him with one of his own weapons; an ever-changing Manica containing shards from Soul Edge. Now she is on the run, with a price tag on her head for the murder of her parents. The following picture is what happened before her arm become infused with shards of soul caliber


I don't know.

Is that the "modern" military fetish gear? I didn't think it did...anything other than prevent equipping other stuff.


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Is that the "modern" military fetish gear? I didn't think it did...anything other than prevent equipping other stuff.

Well I think that any item can work as long as you have a character that works well with it.

Stealth edit: Made her look younger by decreasing her arms, and cup size. I also changed her hair.


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Alright. After missing two challenges I feel I need to dust off an old gem for this one.


BTW I tip my hat to the entrants of the last two challenges. I enjoyed a great deal of them (especially the Kitty Meow Head portion. You all used the part better than I could have, even though I am obsessed with it).


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Trying strive for another win, Matty82? Because you're a bottomless pit of ingenuity.... think I "over complimented". Pardon my English.


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Why do i feel like I've been insulted or told off LOL

Nah, everyone is salty because if we had your brain it be a fair fight on flaunting CAS lol. Then again, I believe us CAS artists enjoy having you around as good competition and someone to learn from. That's how I and hopefully others see it haha.


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Jeez, Matty, I was gonna enter this one but then you go and make me have second thoughts!
Ah well, if I get a design together I'll put it here for the hell of it :P

Edit: I don't actually want you to stop entering these competitions by the way, I always enjoy seeing what you post.