Is it possible to convert PS3 save data from R3 to R2??

Discussion in 'Technology and Support' started by Rei, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Rei

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    As mentioned in the title, I'm wondering if its possible to convert save data from R3 to R2??
    I had damaged my R3 copy and bought a new one happily, not knowing that it was R2.
    I popped in the disc and.. I have to start from scratch again >_>
    Player level back at 1, no characters and CAS stuff unlocked.

    If anyone knows of any possible converting methods, please enlighten me~~!!
  2. Cla


    Can you explain what exactly this R3/R2 thing is?

    EDIT: Oh wait I get it. You mean Region? I would imagine it should be possible if you copy the save file to a USB flash drive and edit it on your PC. From a thread on IGN:
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