Is it possible to convert PS3 save data from R3 to R2??


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As mentioned in the title, I'm wondering if its possible to convert save data from R3 to R2??
I had damaged my R3 copy and bought a new one happily, not knowing that it was R2.
I popped in the disc and.. I have to start from scratch again >_>
Player level back at 1, no characters and CAS stuff unlocked.

If anyone knows of any possible converting methods, please enlighten me~~!!


Can you explain what exactly this R3/R2 thing is?

EDIT: Oh wait I get it. You mean Region? I would imagine it should be possible if you copy the save file to a USB flash drive and edit it on your PC. From a thread on IGN:
Yes, from the start it is locked. But I have found a way to crack this.

(you need a pen drive, PSP or any other USB mass storage device)

1. On your old game/PS3, copy the save to the device. (select it, press TRIANGLE and choose Copy. Choose the device)
2. Go to a computer and plug the device in.
3. Go to My Computer>your device>
4. Open the PS3 folder and then open SAVEDATA.
5. Copy the folder to Desktop then delete it from device.
6. On your new game/PS3, start a new game and save.
7. Copy the NEW save to the device. (select it, press TRIANGLE and choose Copy. Choose the device)
8. Go to a computer and plug the device.
9. Open PS3 folder again and then open SAVEDATA.
10. Copy that folder to a new folder in desktop.
11. Now, rename the NEW folder so that it has the same name as the old folder.
12. Open the NEW folder. Here you should see these files:


(if there are more files that's fine. Sometimes PIC1.PNG isn't there, that's fine too.)

13. Open the OLD folder. You should see the same items.
14. THIS IS IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT MESS UP. Copy PARAM.PFD and PARAM.SFO from the OLD folder to the NEW folder. If you do it the other way round you'll mess up.
15. Delete the saved file from the device. And also delete the OLD folder. Drag the remaining folder into PS3/SAVEDATA/.
16. Goto your PS3, select Saved Data Utility, choose your device and find the data. Copy this (TRIANGLE) then you're done. Delete save from device.

Play the game and enjoy. This worked for me -- it should work for you too.
Feel free to use this for other games.
If it doesn't work then you'll have to retry the game. :)