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This thread contains useful information about ivys moves that wouldn't normally be found in the wiki pages. This includes hidden moves i know about, soul charge boosted moves, ivys auto GI move, ivys step kill moves, which of ivys moves hit grounded opponents and which of these will catch opponents rolling on the ground.
I think this information could be really useful since this info often isn't in wikis and rolling and especially stepping is much more effective in SC2 and a good amount of horizontals don't even catch step or don't fully in SC2

I was also going to include which of ivys moves ring out but a ring out thread has been made by Zou which can be found here

Everything was tested by fighting another ivy so some things listed may not work fully or may not work at all against some other characters due to the difference in sizes between characters and their ability to step and roll on the ground

If you are new to notations please take a few minutes of your time to watch this helpful video on Soulcalibur's notations.

Ivy Terminology/Abbreviations

SW = Sword State
WP = Whip State
SR = Spiral Serenade
ST = Spiral Tribute
SE = Serpents Embrace

Ivys Hidden moves

CH A,(A) or CH A,(A) (press any direction to enter SR)
has a unlisted Attack throw if the 1st A misses and 2nd A hits by itself on CH (58)

SE 6B+K[8] holding in 8 makes the move do a different kind of knockdown on hit and makes the move lift the opponent up on CH

44A,B- pressing B after 44A gives a stance transition to SR which is unlisted
44(B+K) (press any direction) stance transition to SR that is unlisted
FC 3(A+B) (press any direction) stance transition to SR that is unlisted

Jump attacks:
(knockdown on CH on 8 and 9B)

While landing attacks:
For the following WL (while landing attacks) jump using G and 7_8_9 and press A,B or K as you land if you press A, B or K too soon you will do a jump attack instead,you can also jump against walls if you are near them by pressing 7G and can then perform while landing attacks after you have bounced off the wall too

WL G7_8_9,A
WL G7_8_9,B-
has a launch on CH that is very similiar to 2A+B on CH and leads to the same combo possibilities
WL G7_8_9,K


Essentially, it is just a Calamity Symphony executed extremely quickly from whip stance.
If done correctly, Ivy will laugh during the animation and the throw will do ten more points of damage.
This can be done from whip stance or immediately after moves that end in whip. The execution must be done VERY quickly to achieve this Calamity Symphony.
Because of the slight delay required, it is not possible to perform iCS when attempting to use the 214A unblockable cancel trick to use a flaming CS

Invisible whip (iWP):
If you slide k to G very quickly or press K+G when in whip state, it will look like you have changed back to sword stance but you are actually still in whip state and can do her WP A+B/A+K and CS
If you press G+K at the same time, it helps to press the K a split second before the G

If you do any move that normally cancels your Whip State back into a sword, your Invisible Whip State will also cancel back into a sword. If you do a kick move, she will cancel back into normal Whip State. If you hold G+K or slide input and hold G to block an attack, she will still remain in invisible whip state after blocking.

This is all ive confirmed so far but if you know of any unlisted moves not on here feel free to say, ill check them and add them to the list :)

Soul charge boosted moves

Pressing A+B+K or R2 if you have kept R2 set to A+B+K executes soul charge which offers a power up to your character during the time it is active, the longer you charge for the more of a boost you get.
There are 3 levels of soul charge, in general fully charging the soul charge to level 3 by not cancelling it with G makes all moves become counter hits but some moves gain special properties through soul charge,these moves are listed below

Lvl 1 upgrades (can cancel the charge straight away to get level 1)

becomes a guard break move that gives +19 advantage to you when blocked
1_2_3B+K- becomes a guard break, +15 on block

Lvl 2 upgrades (cancel the charge some time after a second of using A+B+K to get to level 2, your character should glow bright green if you are in level 2)

becomes a guard break +37 on block, becomes less advantage when used further away
(up close 44B+K (i37) is guaranteed if you are quick but further back 44B+K will never connect)
3(A+B): (release after small delay) +17 on block
FC 3(A+B): (release after small delay) +17 on block

Lvl 3 upgrades (do not cancel the soul charge to reach level 3 charge, your character should glow dark blue if you are in level 3 charge)

becomes an unblockable on level 3 charge
236B- becomes an unblockable
SE 6B+K/6B+K(8)- becomes an unblockable
CS- ivy laughs during the animation, becomes 110 damage (normally 95)

Ivys auto GI moves
I am inexperienced in finding out the exact frames of GI windows so ive wrote down an estimate for the GI windows

B+K: GIs all horizontals- GI window is active early
WR B+K: GIs all horizontals,veticals and kicks- GI window is active roughly before the middle of the animation(WR B+K has to have begun before the opponent uses there move if they use a quick move or WR B+K needs to have begun around the same time the opponent uses there move if they use a slower move like ivys 6(B+K)
4A+B: GIs all horizontals and high and low kicks- GI window starts earlyish but it seems to have a decently long GI window

Ill add the rest of the info when I have chance :)

If you think I have made a mistake or you have something to add then feel free to say and ill try confirm it and add it
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