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  1. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Ok heres a few of my favorite CaS I've made, hope you like 'em.
    Oh and one more thing...yes I use the ponytail waaaaaaay too much and yes I love making female characters

    Shes my first CaS I decided to keep....and she annoys the crap out of my friends =)

    Meh I made her hoping for a totally different outcome but she turned out good anyway

    She sort of became Amy if she was alive now and about 5 years older and working "night jobs"

    One of my first Xianghua CaS. She was rather...tediously made...

    This Sophie made my day after I made her. I still to this day have not lost with her.I LOVE YOU SOPHIE!!!

    My Cassie...Shes not the most beautiful but shes still my favorite from good old SC2

    I'll post a few more in a couple days once I upload the pics.
  2. Frozen_Aura

    Frozen_Aura [05] Battler

    How were these taken? Did you use a capture card/device or a camera? I too have plenty of customs to share, but not the best means to capture images...

    Interesting use of color. You're color scheme is controlled yet versatile. I will also admit I love making females, though not quite to your extent. I'm also fond of the ponytail, though it's not my only favorite.
  3. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Oh i just use my olympus digital camera its nothing special either, plus i wasn't even using a tripod, oh and thank you for the criticism i've only heard from my friends who don't particularly care for my characters...(they're scared to fight them...) oh and if u want any formulas for these just ask
  4. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    I like the red and gold Sophie. The only nitpick I'd give is remove the shoulder pads. Only because I think it's a bit superfluous when the cape is already good enough. But it looks good overall. I might have to steal and make something out of it for my female customs lol. Hope you don't mind.
  5. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    I'll give u the formula if ud like Namu, also I didn't really think the shoulders were superfluously used but to each his own anyway heres the formula I'm sorry I don't have the exact formula cause I'm not in town right now and my Ps3 is at home.

    Head: Winged Headband thing...
    Neck: Priestess Mantle
    Undergarments: Full Leggings
    Upper Body: Goddess' Blessing
    Shoulders: Pauldrons
    Arms: Iron Gauntlets
    Lower Body: Belle Skirt
    Socks: Maybe bandages....?
    Feet: Polar Boots

    Hair: Ponytail 7:09,01 or something like that
    All the clothes about 2,20 for primary color and a nice gold for the trim =)
    Also weapon is fire blade forgot the skills but its not like anyone plays special battle anywayz so...
  6. AmysDivineWrath

    AmysDivineWrath [08] Mercenary

    CaS Females are the only way to live. If your gonna dominate, why not do it with a little pizazz and flare. Yo i've got an epic sailor moon. Let me know if u wanna see the formula.
  7. Kurohyasha

    Kurohyasha [04] Fighter

    I'm game! Hit me with it!
  8. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Time for a much needed update!!
    Below are terrible ways to upload your pics sorry guys but ill put captions for each up here.

    1st pic: Catelyn: One of my SC3 CaS I recreated for SC4. She had the Type-X armor and was part of my CotS Main Party as almost all of the characters i used were CaS she uses Chinese Sword Soul Calibur which i replaced with Xians

    2nd pic: Amelia: My CotS main character, ironically i got her and Abelia confused >.< She used sword and shield class mostly but had to switch to Cass because no more SC for Sophie

    3rd pic: Claudia: Another CotS original and ended up using Mina with her in the end. She really got almost a full redesign from her original outfit.

    4th pic: Theon: A character I made on a whim and i made a backstory. He is the last of a rich and powerful family but left his riches behind to follow his dream of being a pirate. He keeps only his father's armor and the many women who follow him from his past life as a rich and powerful man.

    5th pic: Fiora Borgia: A character I made after watching an episode of The Borgias. She is originally from Russia but was taken to Italy and seperated from her sister Setsuka who was brought to Japan. She now fights in the Roman Colluseum and has never been defeated. She prays to Minerva (Goddess of Wisdom) and Vulcan (God of Fire and Forge).

    6th pic: Jeyne: A valkyrie brought to earth from Valhalla and is told by Odin to search for the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. She eventually becomes consumed by Soul Edge because of her greed and conspiracies against Valhalla.
    Now for Edits/Color Edits of Main cast!!

    7th pic: Sophie 3P
    8th pic: SCV Sophie ideation (if sophies good)
    9th pic: Evil Sophie Ideation
    10th pic: Good Sophie SCV 2P ideation (based on Pat's 2p)

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  9. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    And heres the rest...

    1st pic: Sophie Evil SCV 2p
    2nd pic: Gorgon Sophie (so nicknamed by my friends)
    3rd pic: Sophie SCIV 2p redesign
    4th pic: SCV Hilde
    5th pic: Random Ivy Edit
    6th pic: Taki edit

    for some reason these wanted to load...stupid cell phone pics!
    Random Cass edit
    Talim as Link!!!

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  10. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    Can you re-upload them please? They're a bit too small and I would like to look at them closer.
  11. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    I'll try Namu hopefully it'll work I'll use my camera I got today to take some better pics
  12. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    So, been a while and you may see some new faces and some older ones but here are my creations. I am no true CaS artist just a person who enjoys CaS, like a pre teen girl enjoys the Sims.
    Without further ado heres my newest set of CaS...


    This is Tanya a slave forced to battle in the Roman Colluseum. She becomes one of the best and then is allowed to leave the Colluseum. She becomes infected by a piece of Soul Edge and believes it will lead her to her master's legendary Holy Grail

    This is Andromeda, an original NPC of mine. She is a citizen of Athens who was Sophitia's rival for a time but became her enemy when Sophitia married Rothion (who is her brother), this enraged Andromeda because she was having an incestous relationship with Rothion and she could not continue her relationship with Sophitia bearing his children. Andromeda still truly loves Sophitia but jealousy blinded her and she has become corrupted from Soul Blade until SCIII. After she realizes her idiotic ways she attempts to save Sophitia from Soul Edge. After Sophitia is "killed" between SCIV and SCV Andromeda is corrupted by the "light of humanity" (Soul Calibur) and is forced to hunt Soul Edge and destroy it to make a "perfect world". Andromeda is about 16 in Soul Blade, and 35 in SCV but has been immortalized by Soul Calibur. She is generally a snobby and ridiculous person but can forget about her status to help herself or her companions. Andromeda and Scarlett are very fierce rivals and will do anything to kill each other.
    Andromeda costume based on Sophie SCII
    SCIII and SCIV Andromeda costume based on Sophie's 1P costumes in both SCIII & SCIV
    SCIV Andromeda costume based on Sophitia's 2nd SCIV costume
    SC5 Andromeda costume
    A familiar face, Scarlett is the leader of the Brotherhood of Blood and is trying to destroy Soul Calibur so the entire world can bathe in the blood of the weak. She is about 35 but has been at this state for about 300 years along with her "brothers" and "sisters".
    Scarlett's second costume, she wears this at social gatherings her brotherhood "crashes". The outfit is meant to appeal to males and make females envious.
    This is Shae a young woman serving in the French Empire. She was sent to find Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and is part of a large overzealous Catholic cult. She is about 20 and is a rival to Hilde.

    This is Elena, a young woman undercover searching for Marco Polo. She was sent by Spain to track him down and kill him. She is from Italy and is about 28

    My Sophie 3P

    Remake of SCII Cass. I thought the hair wouldn't be so great because the headband is literally under her hair...


    This is the Sophie edit I made based on a few of Alfimi's Tiger Lily Breastplate outfits. You may recognize the outfit on another girl named Kyra who was featured on Pocky-Yoshi's comic.

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  13. KiraxSummers

    KiraxSummers [13] Hero

    I really liked Scarlett's 2P costume, it looks edgy and mysterious :)
    Andromeda... it's hard to choose but I think the second one's my favorite. The Cass edit is so cute!!
  14. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Thanks so much!! If you need formulas or something just ask. Next time I'll have a few recreations and such.

    And heres a teaser for one of my recreations
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    Mage I'll make you submit!

    These are great CaS! Keep it up Jack, you just earned some of my likes.
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  15. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Lol...I noticed! Anything you need formulas, etc? Just ask!
  16. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    I like the Sophie and Cassy 3p. And everything else is cool. I can definitely tell you're a Sophie fan as to me being a Yoshi fan. Keep it up.
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  17. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Thanks Yoshi, 8WR apparently can't handle moderately high-res pictures with lots of red...so probably half my pics weren't uploaded I think I'll need to use a third-party to upload them then place them on here. Anyways, if one of them really catches your eye go head and take em for the comic or something!
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  18. AlfimiEinst

    AlfimiEinst [07] Duelist

    Awesome work jack *-*
    These look wonderful .
    I whould like to have this sophie 3p formula and looking forward for your recreations ^^
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  19. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Thanks so much. It would be my pleasure to give you the formula Alfimi, considering I always beg for yours! And if theres any others that catch your eye feel free to ask. I'll be posting the next set of characters very soon and I'll make sure to have the formula there for you as well ^^

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