Leaked asta Season 2 changes!!!!.


[09] Warrior
only joking, these are my suggested season 2 changes that would make him well rounded.

He needs more than just this but these would be a good start.

1. 4A more frames on block and hit
Reason: as it stands if you delay the B follow up even slightly you can always 2A astaroth, there’s not enough of a gap to where you can do any real mix up and it can be beaten by spamming, and the recovery is too short so anyone with reactions can also beat it just by waiting a split second and then hitting 2A regardless of what happens.
i suggest you get +4 on the first A when it hits, and keeping the +4 on block for the second A.
Also giving slightly more block stun to both players will allow him to actually have a game with 4A

2. 2bK,K make the third hit beat RE if the first 2 are REed.
Reason: If you get REed while bKing you will be hit by the RE before your next K comes out, and you will take the RE if you just block and don't do the last hit.
Now i'm not asking for it to be RE safe, but, if i see someone has REed the hit i should have the choice to do the last K and beat their quick RE release or not do it and side step their hold RE attempt, as many other characters can do with simple string moves like aabb.

3. 1(A)A 1(A)B can be canceled like 66(K)
1(A) is very very slow and everyone under the sun can easily do any jumping move or back dash out of it's range as soon as you start charging, having a cancel would open people up in a way that 66K can't.

4.214A+G added to the air throw LH command.
It's impossible to sidestep down and punish jumping attacks with the LH air throw because it forces you to do the 2-4A+G command throw because of the shortcut command.

5. Wall splat consistency with 6A+G and 4A+G
Reason: You can't buffer attacks during 4A+G so makes it very hard to land combos consistently, not only that but sometimes they fall down very fast so even if you timed it right you can't land any combos which is clearly a bug.

6. Both low throws need 5 extra damage. His low throws are just not scary, they are an annoyance more than anything, and do not deter ducking at all, you can easily guess 4 or 5 low throws in a match and still lose and it shouldn't be that way. Low throws don't have an attack portion so although they are very fast, they only beat ducking/ducking moves so it's a true guess when you land one, and should be rewarded for it.

7. 1KA is force block if the K hits.1K is a very good anti step tool, however when it hits normally you can duck for a split second and then just get up and use a fast mid A attack and beat anything he can do, and you lose out on huge damage if you just do the single kick on it's own, now i suggest a force block so you can use the 1K to track step and if didn't CH you still get the 0 on block without having to lose all the damage. on block you can punish the kick and interrupt the A, theres no other move in soul calibur thats like that and makes it completely useless in high level play.

8. (K), LH after non GI level3
As is stands there is NO reason to GI or RE after you have been GIed by astaroth, the most damage you can lose is 40 if you dont GI or RE, but that number goes up to 100 if you do, it makes no sense to RE GI against astaroth with there being such a huge difference in damage.
If (K) LH on non GI at level 3 and gave you a little more damage (not just a 4B) to bring the damage close to 80 then people would have a reason not to spam light attacks in his face all day.
And as (K) is RE safe it would mean they have to GI so would open up his GI game a ton.