Let’s talk Mitsurugi!


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SC just doesn’t feel right without the abundance of whining and crying over this poor samurai! Hell you can barely find anyone playing him online as well. Seems like he’s been labeled as weak in SC6 so the haters moved into Azwel and Ivy’s neighborhoods! “He’s very unsafe, he’s slow, bad frames on hit, no tools to advance into close range etc etc! I say good riddance!

Mitsurugi is far from weak in SC6! Sure using his tools isn’t easy to close distance against ranged opponents BUT once there good luck getting him out! He’s slow they say! Quit attacking at disadvantage! These tools are plenty fast enough, coupled with the slight reach advantage his standard tools have over opponents like X or Yoshimitsu allows Mitsu to put in work!
He’s actually very safe in SC6 minus a couple moves that are still hard to punish.
i12-2a, AA, CE, k
I14-3a, BB, 3k, 33k, 236A
I16-6(A), b6, 236b, 4b, 6k, 2k, 66k etc

1b series,1kb, 2k, 236(K) and 22k are all sub i20 unseeable lows. 1b a+b leaves you at + frames and of course 1a isn’t that fast but covers a lot of space, has a GB mid mixup and damn near safe now.

Relic and Mist are both ridiculously strong very effective stances. Both apply tremendous offensive pressure, tons of Guard damage with GB attacks and frame advantage on block to help this ole slow poke out! Couple of really good transitions as well.

With meter he becomes a mixup monster or he can just punish your arsenal at i12 with a simple button push! This really does limit your options and forces you to play handicapped at critical times during the match. 2 RE basically give you 1 CE to work with or coupled with the usual meter gain it’s very possible to build 1 CE per rd = 1/3 of your health bye bye!

Ya I know no good horizontal mids to stop step but he has options! 66aa is the most useful followed by 4(A), 44(A), 1a and don’t forget about bA. it’s a i16-23 mid with good range that’s not easy to punish when spaced correctly. Not the greatest tools for step or range BUT that’s not his game. Character weaknesses is what allows different opponents strengths per task.
These differences in tool sets is what the game is all about! If every character was super strong in all aspects this game would suck lol.

3 months out and damn near half the cast has won a tournament! Balance is good in SC6. You heard it here 1st YALL SLEEPING ON MITSURUGI! Dudes very good and hella fun to play!


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People are (in general) simple-minded followers by nature. Everyone just goes around echoing dumb shit they heard someone else say (usually a clueless YouTuber.) The FGC is notorious for it's hiveminded players. In fact, I bet one of the drones is reading this now.
A little ingenuity can make ANY character competitive. Everyone always seems to be so concerned about tier lists even though 90% of them lack the knowledge/skill to utilize the tools that make a character "top tier."
I guess all I'm saying is stick with a character you enjoy (like Rugi) and don't listen to people who parrot the conclusions of recent tier lists. They won't find success.

Sorry for the rant.
My .02
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A little ingenuity can make ANY character competitive
Hm well, i agree on the part that weaker chars can still be good if the overall balance isnt that different between "high" n "low" tier chars.
Dunno if you played SC5, but in case you did im sure you know ZWEI. So i mained ZWEI for a really long time, but also played maaaany other chars. And i can easily say that ZWEI had some rly BIG issues. For example like being really unsafe on a bunch of moves, really bad range, really bad lows etc.

That doesnt say you cant win, but you often have to go for high risk moves to get a nice reward - which many other chars probably dont have too.
Also i gotta say, i think that if u like a eventually "bad" char, but you really do good with that char, its probably better to stick with him, than changing to a high tier char which doesnt rly fit your style at all. I used to play alpha patroklos in SC5 too, but even tho i enjoyed the combat itself, i just didnt enjoy using him as much as other chars.

Concerning SC6 i can just say, i tried almost every char except talim by now, and i feel like the difference in strength between all chars overall, is far smaller than it was in previous parts of SC. Almost every char has a bunch of really good moves/abilities. So i think you can play literally any char without big issues, its probably more important to keep in mind what your opponents strong points are - like if you fight NM, keep in mind that he always has access to his armor stuff etc.- and adjust to these. :D


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Concerning SC6 i can just say, i tried almost every char except talim by now, and i feel like the difference in strength between all chars overall, is far smaller than it was in previous parts of SC.

This - the addition of the RE I think is partly responsible for this in that now each character has an arsenal of break attacks used to deal with RE spamming, which has definitely contributed to the leveling of the playing field.

Mitsu defo has some great tools - to me he's always been a really good fundamentals character that is always as good as the person playing him.