Link Guide! He has attacks other than grabs?

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Go easy on me everyone I'm kinda new here on 8WR. I wanted to put up a guide to getting better at Link. NOTE that I am not a "pro" player but I am definitely not new to SC. I made this in response to the SC2HD trailer (even if Link doesn't return) and noticed that the guest characters of SC2 had few guides (or at least easy to find ones that made sense). I won't be able to go like attack on frame whatever or preform a Just but I will try my best. If you are looking for movelist guide I will leave a link to a video of one.

Each part of the Guide will appear as replies to this thread in this order:
Horizontal Attacks/Combos
Vertical Attacks/Combos
Kick Attacks/Combos

Please make sure that all criticism is CONSTRUCTIVE. I like knocking fanboys/noobs as much as the next guy but please try restrain yourself.

Also please leave a link to other guides to SC2 guest fighters! Thanks! Now lets get this started!
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Please watch the above video to see the exact move in action.

[A]-H,HH/HHH/HHHH- HZ slash with a spin attack afterwards. Can be charged up 3 levels; Basic 2 hits, Mid 3 hits, and Full 4 hits, unblockable. Generally unsafe move. First two types can be blocked and all can be avoided by crouching. Counter hit doesn't guarantee the spin will connect. Only good for a change of pace or after 8b for an air combo at level 1. Avoid level 3 at all costs.

A[A],A-HH,H- Two HZ slashes followed up with a boomerang summon and throw. Effective mix up and good for punishing aggressive sidestepping. Don't always follow up with the boomerang to be less predictable. Remember to flick 8 or 2 to rotate the boomerang and have it follow the opponent.

ABK/[K],K-HMH/HM- HZ slash, VT slash, kick and an optional bomb throw. Don't always kick as it cannot use the hitstun of the B hit to land a complete combo. Mix up with no kick, kick and if you do kick, bomb, no bomb. Always hold [K] to have a bomb ready. If they get hit by the kick, block G to put it away. If you stop at AB it can be followed up by 6K for a pseudo-delay (its the same kick and same hold for bomb stance). AB is not safe on block, but ABK is semi-safe due to the fast recovery and distance it sends the guarding opponent.

6AA/B-HL/M- HZ slash that closes the distance then a low slash. After the start of the animation for the second hit, click B to do an upper cut slash that Launches the opponent. Use the A version to do a high-low mix up. Use the B version to avoid high attacks and follow up the launch with either G,9B or 66bA. A version is unsafe while the B version is semi-safe.

3A/4A,WRA/[A]A-L,M/MH- Low slash followed by a rising spin. Hold down A to summon the boomerang and A again to throw it. Easy to block but the point is to surprise the opponent with the follow up boomerang.

4A/4[A]A-H/HH- Simple combo used for mix ups. Can be used after 22B/88B or 11AB to hit the opponent in mid-air and though the 4A will grant air control the boomerang throw can be changed to a side throw to pursue the opponent. Safe on block w/o the boomerang and semi-safe w/ boomerang only if the return trip connects.
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Please watch the video in the first reply to see the exact move in action.

22A/[2]A/88A/[8]A,2K-H/H,L- Spinning attack that knocks down the opponent, then a quick kick for extra damage. The 22A version has less ending lag so it is safer than the 88A version and can be instead be followed up with 1B.

11[A]/[1][A],2K-L/L,L- The first hit is the same as the second hit in 6A,A only now it can be charged which increases the damage and reduces ending lag, allowing you to follow up with a weak kick. Link starts to crouch during the charge so use it if you predict the enemy is going to use a high attack. Can be changed to a vertical launcher by using B during the charge to extend the crouch or knock the opponent away. The charge doesn't affect the B version.

33A/[3]A/99A/[9]A,(Read description)-M- Quick HZ slash that closes the distance. It can be followed up with many attacks but I will do my best to list as many as possible (assume that all the following begin with the italicized move): {B,K, G+A/+B} {22/[2]/88/[8],9B} {3,9B} {8B,[A]} and more. Using A after a forward roll yields the same result.
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Please watch the video in the first reply to see the exact move in action.

BB-MM- Bread and Butter combo used for pressure and is safe on block. Prone to whiffing.

BK,G+B-MM,(Grab)- Simple combo that is fast and safe on block. If the kick connects it will rotate light characters approximately 90 degrees and heavy characters will turn 180 degrees. The enemy can backstep to avoid the grab so use the grab wisely. The side throw version is the strongest but less likely to connect. The back throw version is weaker but has a better chance of hitting the opponent.

3,B/9B/3B-M,H/H/L- Quick VRT launcher followed by an arrow shot. B version pushes opponent away and does less damage. 9B version launches opponent higher and does my damage but grants air control to the enemy. 3B does the least damage and grants air control so this one is best avoided.

3B,(Read description)-M- This attack puts enemies into the air and can be followed by: {AA} {AB} {ABK/[K]} {BK}. The ABK can be avoided by air control to the sides.

44/[4],B/3B,1B-M,H/L,M- Retreat stab that at full charge guard breaks or stuns opponent. Hold B to charge and hold longer to summon the bow. 3B hits all characters and can be followed up with 1B. B can only hit taller characters (Kilik and taller) but does more damage and sends the opponent away. These only apply to full charge or counter hit.

44/[4],(Read description)-M- Retreat stab that at full charge guard breaks or stuns opponent. Instead of using your bow use: {22/[2],9B} {22B/[2]B,66bA} {22B/[2]B,[G],B9} {3B,(options mentioned above)} {6,G+A/+B} {8B,(options listed below} {2G,K,B} {66bA/[6]bA} {BB} {BK,G+A/+B} {4K,G+A/+B} {8A}.

8B,(read description)-M- Rising stab attack that launches the opponent. Can be preformed from a crouch, forward roll, and side roll (just push B during a roll). Can be followed by: {A[A]} {AA} {BB} {BK} {AB} {ABK/[K],K}.

Charging attack which breaks guards w/o charge and is unblockable on full charge. Full charge reduces ending lag. Follow up with 2K to add a little extra damage. Can be canceled by guarding.

Same move as 22B/[2]B only with a jump at the beginning and much less launch height. Good for closing the distance between you and the opponent. Follow up with 1B for a little extra damage.
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Please watch the video in the first reply to see the exact move in action.

6BBBBBBB-MHMSMHSMM- A string of rapid stabs that require you to mash B. All hits after the first can be blocked if the first hit is not a counter hit.
4BA-MH- Hilt smash followed by a spin hit. The second hit can be blocked if the first wasn't a counter hit.

44B/[4]B-M- Stab mentioned in the normal vertical combos. Works the same as the charged one only without the ability to break guards. Go to VERTICAL COMBOS for more information.

b[A]-MHH- Slash with guard impact properties. Link shields himself for the first few frames which guard impacts all horizontal attacks, grabs, and most kicks. He then slashes which if you hold A can be followed up with a spin attack. On counter hit, the level one charge combos with the initial hit.

11B/[1]B/77B/[7]B,(read description)-M- Step-in vertical crescent slash that on counter hit bounces the opponent. Can be followed up with: {4BA} {b[A]} {1KK} {1KK,2B} {6,BB} {6,AA} {6,AB} {6,ABK/[K]} {6,BK} {G,9B} {22/[2],3B} {6[K],K}

b[A]-M- Mentioned in Counter Hit Vertical Combos. When the attack connects after a guard impact, the opponent will fall over slowly compared to the hitstun of the counter version. This allows you to follow up with the level 2 spin attack version. If you don't hold A you can instead follow up with (CVCO= check vertical combo options): {22B/[2]B,(CVCO)} {8B,(CVCO)} {3B,(CVCO)} {G,9B} {G+A/+B} {66G+B} {AA} {BB} {AB} {BK} {BK,G+A/+B}
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Please watch the video in the first reply to see the exact move in action.

4K,G+A/+B-M,(Grab)- This kick turns opponents around and is safe on block. Grab afterwards to take advantage of the moment to combo in a side grab.

WRK,2BB-M,MM- Rising split kick that stuns from the front and knocks down from any other side. Follow up with 2BB to stab the fallen opponent.

K+B,K,2BB-M ,MM- Any time an enemy is launched by the bomb, follow up with 2BB for additional damage.

6[K],K-HM- Kick that stuns opponent followed by a bomb toss. Other attacks can be used in place of the bomb. For the most damage, use a launcher and follow up with an air combo.

3K,1K-M,L- Fast and safe combo. Good for changing up your attacks.

1KK,66B/[6]B-LH,M- Fast and damaging. If blocked or not a counter hit, stop after the second kick.

11K/33K/77K/99K,1B-M,M- Quick but not very strong. Good counter to B attacks.
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Please watch the video in the first reply to see the exact move in action.

STANCES:{G=Sheath Item}
A+B=Boomerang: {A=Forward Throw} {8A/2A=Side Throw (Left/Right)} {A8/A2=Delayed Side Throw (Left/Right)}

B+K=Bow: {B=Normal} {=Charge Shot} {9B=Up Arrow} {3B=Down Arrow}

K+A=Bomb: {K=Normal} {(Wait a bit)K=Charge bomb} {(Nothing)=Self Destruct}

66K/[6]K=Forward Roll: {A=Same as 11A/77A} {B=Same as 8B} {K=Same as WRK}

8/2 after Forward Roll=Side Roll: {A=Same as 88A/22A} {B=Same as 8B} {K=Same as WRK}

44K=Backflip: {A=Same as 11A/77A} {B=Same as G,9B} {K=Same as 11K/33K/77K/99K}
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Please watch the video in the first reply to see the exact move in action.

G+A= Throw that launches the enemy behind you quite a far distance. Great for ring outs. Does 50 damage.

G+B= Throw that pushes enemy in front of link. Cannot ring out. Does 55 damage.

G+A/+B(Left Side)= Throw that launches the enemy in the direction they are facing. Good for ring outs. Does 58 damage.

G+A/+B(Right Side)= Throw that pushes enemies to their left. The most damaging grab at 65 damage.

G+A/+B(Back Side)= Throw that pushes enemies forward. Does 48 damage. Is inescapable.

66G+B= Throw where Link slides underneath the enemy and puts some distance between them. Does 25 damage. All follow ups can be blocked but 22B/[2]B and his boomerang are his best options against unsuspecting foes.
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Please watch the video in the first reply to see the exact move in action.

The bomb launch can be followed up with 2BB.

Link can preform pseudo-delays by stopping the combo before the attack of your choice. Then manually input the attack. Example: ABK t0 AB,4K.

Link's up arrow has guard break properties even though you can't guard in mid-air.

Link has only one boomerang combo that enemies cannot guard, though it can be avoided by air control.

Link's self destruct does about 55 damage to himself.

Link moves at full speed with his boomerang out but half speed with his bow and bombs.

You can tell you have preformed the maximum delay for the delayed side boomerang as it will warp a short distance in the direction you desire and will be much further from you than a regular side throw.
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