Link's G2-Recovery


[10] Knight
scha, Soul Calibur Discord admin, discovered G2-Recovery on Link. OMG!

Link has G2-Recovery like Nightmare:
Boomerang Stance / Boom. A / Boom. A2 / Boom. A8
Bow Stance / Bow B / Bow B9 / Bow B3 / Bow (B]
Bomb Stance / Bomb K

And Link can input [G]+2:5 to guard when Nightmare needs [G]2 to guard. That mean Link can guard in 2nd frame of Cancel when Nightmare is in 3rd frame (Nightmare slower).
Link can G2 instantly on the initial frames of stance with Cancel as same as Nightmare. That mean Link's 22(B] and all moves into stance have G2-Recovery now!
Link's Stance Cancel has more frames than Nightmare's Stance Cancel. So Link's G2 ability can't cover all Cancel animation when Nightmare's G2 can cover pretty much the whole cancel. (need more test)

The guard ability of G2-Recovery can last 6 frames. The guard is activated from 2nd frame after (G]+2 input. It can be input in any frame of the whole motion. Also, it can be input more than 1 times but it has a reload time between each (G]+2. For instance, you can input (G]+2 at the 3rd frame of 6A. And you can input (G]+2 at 4th frame and 60th frame of Boom. A2. (It is special for Link.)

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