Locked Down, Ready to Roll

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Chikara Sashimi
LDZ was dragging his car with his teeth as usual. Damn convention he figured, and he wasn't going to be outpaced by a mere girl yet again.
Then he say a burly chick in a pickup stalled out at a light.
Mustering up all his courage, just in case he needed even more, he decided to talk to her.
"Is something the matter madame?"
"Yes" she blushed. "My tranny broke."
Then LDZ let his gaze wander. The meaty thighs bespoke a girl who could squat 500lbs.
He backed up a step. "Ok, calm down. She doens't know she can out squat me." he thought.
"Um, are you looking to help me, or what?" The burly chick asked.
LDZ, fearless of what others thought, ran away dragging his car with his teeth.
Fukou sighed, and started dialing her cell phone to call in a tow truck. Class would have to wait.

The end.