Looking for a Sieg to spar with


[08] Mercenary
I am a low-mid tier Hilde and I get absolutely torn apart by Siegfrieds, I just have no idea how to handle them, so I need someone from the EU with a good connection to give me first to tens and spar with me on a regular basis, I am fairly competent with Hilde so it would be mutually beneficial if you are looking to learn her matchup as well. Preferably I would like a Sieg of the same skill give or take a bit, but we'll see how it goes in the lobby. My PSN is Angel_Armour, Look forward to playing. :]


[13] Hero
Hey i main sieg and would be up for sparring. We already had some gg's recently with solid connection.
Its definitely a weird MU and i would like to improve my knowledge about it as well.
PSN: ChaosK