Looking for: General Intro to competitive SC2

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I realize this is mostly a dead game but for entirely personal interests, I would like to know a bit more about how this game functions at a deeper level.

I've tried to find this kind of information through google and youtube, etc. but I'm either bad at looking (possible) or it's just not readily findable. Most of what I've found seems scattered, questionable, or drowned in irrelevant arguments.

What are the key mechanics the SC2 metagame revolves around? Are there any important glitches/exploits that are worth knowing and understanding? Are there any sources for videos of competitive play that I can watch? What in particular is unique to SC2 as opposed to other SC games? Any other worthwhile information I should know about?

Keep in mind, I'm not very strong with terminology so if you could include short description in laymen terms of what each thing means that'd be a large help to me.

Thanks in advance.
Very nice tutorial by Aris.
I'm going to complement some stuff that most SC2 players missed.
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Hi, I'm looking for all G2-Recovery in SC2. I know Nightmare's stance>G+2 guard and Raphael's 66B>[G]2 guard. Does anyone know if other characters have G2-Recovery too? Please let me know. I'm doing a research on it. Thank you.