Love is Deep A Non-Fiction Tale


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Authors note, the entire story was written while listening to R.Kelly.

It's a late night in an unassuming hotel room somewhere in Anaheim. The room is dimly light with sexual tension at its introduction. Bane's girlfriend is slowly lowered down onto the bed. "Boy you are strong" she replies. As a very muscular and impressive man slowly goes in for a subtle kiss. She is wearing nothing but black lingerie at this point in time. She looks like a goddess who could have any man in the world. The man ponders how such a vixen could be affixed to such a weak and lowly man as Banes. But in this night of nights, she would belong to a real man. One worthy of her presence and experienced enough to handle her.

This man could of already had her naked but chooses not to. The mystery man decides to take it slow as he foresees a long intense session of marathon sex. Bane's girlfriend is slightly nervous so he gently caresses her thigh while passionately kissing her neck. She moans a little bit as the pace starts to pick up. He takes his shirt off as Bane's girlfriend looks in awe. It has been awhile since she seen a real man and decides to soak the situation in. After minutes of touching and kissing, he slowly takes off the last articles of her clothing.

The experienced man pulls out a XXL Magnum condom that he strategically placed underneath the mattress. For when he saw Bane's girlfriend, he knew he would bed her. She looks at the man with an impressed expression. As she has grown accustomed to unfortunately small penises. Banes having sex was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. His goddess of a girlfriend deserved much bigger and better. "I'm nervous she says" she says. Since she has not had real sex in many years and is mentally preparing for it.

The man slowly turns her around as he decides to penetrate her from the back. He has grown fond of deliciously big booties and hers was no exception. He starts off slow to work her in but quickly picks up the pace. She closes her eyes in a blissful heaven. Banes could never last long enough for her to enjoy it. This men among men pulls out of her and leaves her wanting more. He flips her around and gets on top of her. After many steamy positions and hours. The sex is so hot and steamy, it looked like it came from a Brazzers film. This has become the best time of her life. She wants to cuddle so the man tells her he needs to go to the bathroom first. He bounces out of the hotel room with a quickness.
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