Mad Catz SFV TES On Sale at Newegg atm, includes a free copy of SC VI with purchase.


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Somebody asked me if I knew of any sales on fight sticks atm and there is this one I thought some of you guys might find interesting.
Newegg has a sale running on the Mad Catz SFV Tournament edition stick. It's 50 dollars off, clocking in at 149.99 AND it includes a ps4 copy of soul calibur VI, which you might find interesting if this stick tickles your fancy. Could be nice if you haven't bought SCVI yet or maybe you could give the copy away to a friend or sell it off. The sale ends in two days:

It's also available on amazon for 138 dollars but doesn't come with the game. I guess if getting a 60 dollar game for 12 dollars more doesn't appeal to you, there's always this option: