Madison GEEK KON Tourney #5 8/24/13


[10] Knight
Fun stuff guys. Thanks to all of those who made it, and to the Soul Calibur hater in our venue who did not want to put up SC because not many people were gonna sign up for it, "F&@^ You". Whoever you are, you are obviously a vindictive, spiteful moron. But I guess we proved you wrong. And BTW, it's totally ok that you didn't run it because if you did, we would only get like 10 ppl to show up. OK, sorry for ranting, back to our awesome GEEK KON. Crazy results, AGAIN!!!!

1. Hasson Johnson (Astaroth)
2. jimmypikachuchoi (Lex, Tira, Xiba, Siegfried, Pyrrha)
3. Phil Bond (NM)
4. Ora (Pyrrha, Astaroth)
5. Lincoln Vilavang (NM, Xiba)
5. Chia Vang (Xiba, Maxi, Pyrrha)
7. James Watrud ()
7. Clint Kosobucki ()
9. Ethan (Raph, Maxi)
9. Peter Vang ()
9. Shaun
9. Luke Hoest
13. Metallix (Pyrrha, Omega, Raph)
13. Memory R. ()
13. James Strassmar
13. Harvey P
17. Fronight
17. Daniel M
17. Fifi (Natsu, Lex)
17. Karissa (Tira)
17. Quinn
17. Josh Dela Paz
17. Zack B
17. Jack Cannon (Natsu)
25. Jon Segnesio
25. Willy Zeng
25. Anthony
25. Spencer Santiago

hope you all had a great time. I am really that you guys liked your prizes. Thanks a million to Phil Bond for running the tourney so smoothly despite our setbacks. Hopefully, you all will be able to join our group and continue Madison's tale of souls and swords, eternally retold....