Madison GEEK KON Tourney #6 8/23/14

Should we have a separate video gaming convention during the Geek Kon 2015?

  • No, the video gaming room at Geek Kon is fine.

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  • No, I don't like the video gaming rm, but I want to see the other things at the convention

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  • Yes, it should be held in a separate non-Geek Kon location.

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[10] Knight
Thanks everyone for showing the love. The actual game room this year sucked really sucked a$$. They even stopped giving away Geek Gil, our con's currency, like what the hell? Oh well, at least our community stepped in to make sure our game was a great event.

1. jimmypikachuchoi (Leixia, Tira)
2. Ora (Pyrrha)
3. Phil Bond (NM, Devil Jin)
4. IPG/Kelvin (Pyrrha, Ezio)
5. Orange (Mitsu)
5. Tom Shaul (Natsu, Cervy)
7. Joe Hinmann (Algol)
7. Gibby (NM)
9. Ultimate Ninja-OMG, Long time to see man!!! (Cervy)
9. Lukas Hoerr (Maxi, Xiba)
9. Shadow (Ezio)
9. Tannenbaum (Siegfried)
13. TIP (Patroklos)
13. Zack Bonno(NM)
13. IPG/Harvey()
13. Lincoln (NM)
17. Peter Vang
17. James Walrel
17. Hannah (Tira)
17. Crimson (Ivy)
17. Metallix (Omega, Raph)
17. Anthony S (Mitsu)
17. Ray Cool
17. Bryan Moe (Leixia)
25. Brian Bennett
25. Trenton (Leixia)
25. IPG/Stan (Mitsu)
25. Anthony Peterson (Leixia, Xiba)
25. Fifi
25. William Zeng
25. Christian Cooper


My thoughts:
-Lots of cool ppl that i met at this tourney. Sry I cant remember all your names. I recognize most ppl by face and by what character they play. I'm glad the ppl from IPG were able to play in our tourney as well. I don't think it's fair for them to just run tourneys and not be able to participate in them; they actually let me and Phil Bond run the tourney. Whoever is the better player deserves to win and if they're better than everyone else in a particular game, all the more reason to step up our own game, skills, and improve.

-it was a great tourney, lots of fun and prizes given out from our Madison, WI Soul Calibur Community. I think in the future, anytime there is a geek kon, we'll just have to have our own video gaming venue at a complete separate location. It's ridiculous to pay $40 to play in these tourneys only to come up empty-handed, even if you are the winner of a 30-40 person Brawl, Melee, SCV, Mario Kart 8 Tourney. I mean yeah, we paid good money just get a mini drawing of our geek kon Icon? They're not even gonna give the top placers any geek gil for the time and effort these players put into these games. Complete bull$hit, if changes are not made, let us ban this convention. Only thing worth going to is the LAN room or just card room.

-Thx to Caleb-chan for helping with running the tourney and making sure the brackets were being run smoothly.

-Thx to Amber-dono aka Ora for the design of the medal. It turned out fabulous.

-THX to our community for giving away $200 in prizes to our players: 8 medals; Tira, Cass, Taki, Voldo, Mitsu, Ivy Figures; Soul Edge Artbook; Patroklos, and Mitsu 3"x2" Satin Wall scrolls, and Soul Calibur 1, 3 and 4 trading/collector's/ufs cards. Any thoughts or brainstorming ideas, let us know.

-Til next year. we'll see if we end up having another Geek Kon Tourney.