Madison SCVI Tourney #5 Results 01/05/2019


[10] Knight
Fun times guys. Just a heads up, our next tourney will be in 3 wks, cuz in 2 wks, there's Frosty Faustings and I'm kinda trying to force you guys to go over there and get pummeled :P. Not bad, we keep getting a good # of ppl for Calibur and that's all I can ask for. Let's just try to improve our play and become more solid.

1. jimmypikachuchoi Jimmy Wingleung Choi (X, Sieg)
2. Dr Tom Thomas Atkinson (Tom, I owe you $4) (2B, Talim)
3. Koichi Luke Krause (Azwel, Ivy)
4. JD Lotto (Cervy)
5. Eriely Isaac Park (Sophie)
5. Deadly Handle Michael Somers (Cervy)
7. Keng Thao (Sieg)
7. Captain BackPack Gary Smith (Yoshi)
9. World Shaking (Mina)
9. Exhorresco Justin Denman (Ivy)
9. JerriGlintBlank (Tira)
9. Shadow Jason Cann (Sieg)
13. Sean Tollefson (2B)
13. Jackson Mazzone (NM)
13. Metallix Natasha Ortiz (Raph)
13. Saucey Sensei (Mina, Sophie)

1. Ken Hayes
2. Mark
3. Eriely
4. Brett
5. Hydrophobic Reed Johnson

1. SauceySensei McCain Henney
2. CrazyBlackDude Ron Bolden
3. Alex Isensee
4. Connor
5. Sponge Jordan Bartel
5. JerriGlintBlank Jaré J'son
7. Captain Backpack
7. Tekken Alex

Tekken 7:
1. Russian Peter Mironchenko
2. BroKen John Paul Flores
3. jimmypikachuchoi
4. Eriely
5. World Shaking Nicolas D. Sanabria
5. Alex Ukropen
7. JD Lotto
7. JerriGlintBlank
9. Matt Matthew Kramer
9. Mitch