[Mar 2, 2014] Level Up Presents SoCal Regionals 2014: Feb.28 - Mar. 2... (Irvine, California)


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SoCal Regionals 2014


SoCal Regionals, Southern Caifornia's premier fighting game tournament, is back at the University of California Irvine on Feb 28 - Mar 2 2014!

Mark your calendars because it's countdown time for 3 full days of fighting game action!

Visit socalregionals.com for official updates/rules/games (Coming Soon)

Follow us on Twitter @levelupseries for instant updates.


Fighting Gamers @ UCI
“FightingGamers@UCI (FG@UCI) is a student organization on the campus of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) for people who have an interest in fighting games. What began as a small club for UCI students, FG@UCI is now a community comprised of Southern California’s most passionate fighting gamers.
Our mission is to host gatherings where fighting gamers can befriend, play, and learn with others. We accomplish this by providing a positive and enriching environment through our weekly sessions and occasional special events, which are all held at UCI and open to the general public. We strive to provide our members with resources necessary to enable their passion for fighting games.” - Fighting Gamers @ UCI


Gaming Stations provided by Epic Gamer Productions for Mortal Kombat / Injustice Gods Among Us
Our good friends at EGP will be providing many set ups to accommodate the onslaught of tournament games we're featuring at SCR2014!

Website: www.EpicGamerProductions.com
Twitter: @EGP_Compton
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EpicGamerProductions

Why should you go to SCR?

Fighting Game Community
Over 1,200 fighting game fans have come together to showcase their skills and support of the games they love at SCR2014. With the ongoing camaraderie since the '90s, your next opponent could be
your rival/friend for the next 15+ years.


Southern California has hosted some of the memorable competitive gaming events since the release of the Street Fighter series with legends such as Tomo Ohira, Mike Watson, Jeff Schaeffer, and Alex Valle. Today, the demand of competition at SCR has spread through many more games and more regions which has featured Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ, Gamerbee, Sako, Infiltration, and many more hungry for the title.


Prize Distribution
SCR has successfully provided over $20,000 worth of cash and prizes to 100+ competitors and spectators participating in dozens of gaming events. SCR2014 will continue to provide support for the dedicated players and fans in the fighting games we love. Announcements on SCR2014 prizes will be revealed soon!


State of the art presentation will be provided in house by the Level Up team. Gaming, entertainment, and innovation is our motto and we're making sure the fighting game community has a memorable showcase. Smile for the camera, you may be the next player/fan to be featured in front of a worldwide audience!


SCR2014 will have community driven merchandise on sale such as apparel, peripheral, toys, and more! There will be on site discounts on many products for all your fighting game needs available at SCR!


Feature Game Lineup
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Xbox360
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Xbox360
Super Smash Bro. Melee - Gamecube
The King of Fighters XIII - PS3
Street Fighter x Tekken - Xbox360
Soul Calibur V - PS3
Soul Calibur II HD - PS3
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate - PS3
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - PS3
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - PS3
Divekick - PS3
Skull Girls - PS3
Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma - PS3
Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost - PS3
Guilty Gear Accent Core+R - PS3
Persona 4 Arena - PS3
Mortal Kombat - PS3
Injustice Gods Among Us - Xbox360
Killer Instinct - Xbox One
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo - Arcade CPS2

Coming Soon!


Prize Distribution:
SoCal Regionals Official Site: (Under Construction)

Online Registration:

Coming Soon!

Feb 28 - Mar 2 2014


University of California, Irvine
Student Center
Ballroom C&D
Irvine, CA 92687
Web Site: www.studentcenter.uci.edu
Policies: http://www.policies.uci.edu/adm/tableofcontents.html
Campus Map:

Parking Structure on Pereira Dr -
All day parking $10
(In and out access is available as long as you keep your parking ticket)

Food and Beverage:

University Town Center – across campus
Food Court – Wendy’s, Wahoo’s, Panda Express, and Subway with limited hours above ballroom

Recommended Airport:
John Wayne Airport
18601 Airport Way, #41
Santa Ana, CA
(949) 252-5200 ·

Recommended Hotel:
Atrium Hotel
18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 833-2770, Fax: (949) 757-0330
UCI Rate: $95

*IMPORTANT: Mention that you're a traveler visiting UCI and that you chose the hotel from this listing found on SNAP UCI. They should honor the rate posted on the aforementioned listing site to UCI visitors, which still stands at $95 as of now. Note that the rate is subject to change.
Atrium Complimentary:
Shuttle to and from UCI and John Wayne Airport
Full breakfast buffet
In-room Internet access

Stream Channels:
Others TBA

Level|Up - SoCal Regionals Event Coordinator
"Level Up is committed to providing innovative, unparalleled content creation and distribution as well as brand awareness through inventive, live internet streaming and event consulting services. " - Level Up LLC.

Level|Up President:
Alex Valle
Level|Up Operations Manager:
Jimmy Nguyen
Level|Up Stream Producers:
Frank Reyes
Level|Up Photography/Web Design:
Bryan Gateb

For more information on Level|Up events or interested in community programs and media, visit our sites:

Follow @levelupseries


Facebook Fan Pages:

*Level|Up or SCR staff is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
*Level|Up or SCR staff can eject any groups/individuals that cause harm or malicious intent from SCR at anytime.
I can't completely confirm on going yet even though I'll try my best to make it. But I was curious on the ruleset you are planning to use on SC2. All characters legal and 3 rounds? Anything else would make me extremely sad.
Level|Up Series Releases Registration Cap Numbers for SoCal Regionals 2014

While Valle stated that caps may be increased if they are able to secure further resources and space, it would be in your best interest to register for the event early if you want to compete in a game with a smaller bracket.

  • Soulcalibur V – 64
  • Soulcalibur II HD Online – 64
I might look into this. Would be pretty fun to go have fun and meet some new people. Would probably be the saltiest person their and the only one wearing a CM Punk shirt. XD
It is official- I will be in attendance for SoCal Regionals and I intend on winning again. I'm going to throw this out here, ya'll-


1.) AlexJ FT5 | 20$
2.) Signia FT5 | 20$
3.) Juece FT5 | 20$
4.) BlueBoyB FT5 | 40$ (Considering Juece is betting 20$ on you)
5.) Hates ft5 | 20$
6.) Tomahawk FT5 | 20$
7.) Never_Relent FT5 | 20$
8.) Zane FT5 | 20$
9.) MarkKOed ft5 20$

I'm open to any other opponents willing to play for 10$/20$. If you're newer to the scene, don't be afraid to approach me for some free sets, though. I also don't mind playing nay of the players listed above in casual sets, but would prefer we play a MM, still.
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I won't make it to SCR. I have school that Saturday... unless Tomahawk (or whoever is running it) delays my match until I get off school.
You can always show up for an hour or so, not join the tournament, and play casuals. We can do our MM then, too.
Alright! Can't wait for this one xD
Zane if ya can make it for casuals I'd love a match agaisnt ya, I wonder if Snort gonna make it too
Yeah me too. I want to play against everyone, possibly one after another since I wont be there for long. I don't promise MMs though... gotta pay for school and all.